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[PES 2010 Demo] Netpatch by RvP


Netpatch by RvP [6 different colors + brighter textures] Including:


-Brighter Goalposts
-Brighter Goalbars
-Brighter Goalropes

How to install:

Replace your original unnamed_41.bin in dt_07.img with
your favorite one from the downloaded file archive!

How to install via GGS:

-Open dt07.img with Game Graphic Studio (GGS).
-Search for unnamed_41.bin in the list on the left side.
-Right click on unnamed_41.bin and choose “Import a file over this one”.
-Select your favorite unnamed_41.bin-file from the downloaded file archive
and wait until GGS has finished importing.

(C) RvP 09/2009

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