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PES 2009 Editor v2.4 [PC & XBOX360 ] by [email protected]


Tool for PES2009 [PC + XBOX360] Option File [OF] editing.

supported platforms:

  • PC, XBOX360


  • modify player abilities (face relink included)
  • player stats importing/exporting (OF2, CSV & .Player files supported)
  • transfers (drag&drop included)
  • edit teams (name, formations, home stadium)
  • modify league and tournament names
  • global stats and special abilities adjusting
  • face&hair relink
  • FM stats conversion


  • installed .NET Framework

hint: if you have problem with FM converter:

  1. enable “Use integer instead float…” option in tab “Settings”
  2. click “Save” button
  3. restart editor

thanks to:
skip-br, mosu90, compulison, krejik, seresak, pita007, vlada,
SMcCutcheon, goldorakiller, FCH, Inas, seraph, GOAL, -Panos-
Patros46 … and anybody which I forgot ;-)

latest changes:

  • added support for XBOX 360 OF
  • fixed bug with weak foot in FM converter
  • added filter to the overview window
  • added support to open a player editing window from the overview window [use doubleclick]
  • added new FM exports by Patros46 (thx Goldorakiller for player heights & weights)
  • other small improvements

other changes: see readme

XBOX users!!!

  • Read tutorial by -Panos- how to use Xploder Resigner in folder “..utilsXBOX_checksum_tool” first!!!
  • Do not import player/team exports (.PES09_Player and .PES09_Team files) from PC platform into your XBOX Option File!!!

Before use of editor: otherwise you will be not able to load XBOX OF.


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