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PES 17 Super Gameplay Patch Like PES 18 By Sorena Babapour


SE Gameplay Patch by By Sorena Babapour PES 17 Like 18

Download Super GamePLAY

✔ Player Movements Like PES2018
✔ Pass and Shots Like PES18
✔ Stronger defenses
✔ Ball Natural movements
✔ Crowds new Movements
✔ Managers new Movements
✔ compatible for All Patchs
✔ Compatible for All DLC’s
✔ Compatible for Patch 1.04
✔ and …

* new version added below.

PES 17 Super Gameplay Patch Like PES 18 Update V1.1

✔ Fix Previous Version Bugs !


Note: Previous version should be deleted.


  1. First: Two files has no extension and we have to rename it with “.cpk”. And second: Sorry. I know you have the best intention but your gameplay it´s really bad. A waste of time. Sorry and i aprreciate your effort.

  2. Excellent gameplay, the best I’ve seen so far … but it has some errors:

    1- on the kick-off, some players are on the opponent’s side

    2- In the corner kick there is only one player of my team in the area

    Congratulations for the gameplay. I look forward to the fix

  3. still have the same problem bro … on the kick-off, some players are on the opponent’s side

  4. Yes, my friend.
    For fix this bug install 1.1 vol or uncheck se_gameplay_em and se_gameplay_simulator in “dp file list”

  5. داداش گل کاشتی عالیهههههه
    خیلی گیم پلی عالی هست فقط باگ شروع بازی هست که بازیکن ها سرجاشون نیستن😘😘😘😘😘💐💐

  6. با گذاشتن سطح بازی رو درجه های سخت تر بازی سخت تر میشه.
    چون شاید بعضی ها نتونن بازی کنن با گیم پلی سخت به همین دلیل جوری درستش کردم که همه دوست داشته باشن

  7. کارت درسته سورنا جان. کسانی که بازی سخت تر دوست دارن
    ميتونن رو درجه سوپر استار بازی کنن. وقتی بازی بيش از حد
    سخت ميشه کامپيوتر تقلب ميکنه و اجازهٔ نگه داشتن توپ رو به
    آدم نميده. حرص آدمو در مياره

  8. very good gameplay but please goalkeepers more offensive to make lobed shots or skills

  9. I’m still have a bug, some players are in the opposite team, even with v1.1. I do follow the video tutorial. How can I fix this?

  10. For fix that bug , uncheck se_gameplay_em and se_gameplay_simulator in dp file list….

    And 1.2 version is comming April 7

  11. There’s no such files. I’m on v1.1 and I’ve uncheck some cpk but nothing happens. Please fix it.
    I can say it has great gameplay, but the keeper kinda weak. Make stronger if you can.

  12. V 1.2 AIO is ready bro…
    But we’re testing it on the game to fix some bugs….

  13. I don’t know bro.
    We’re testing it…..
    I’m so sorry because I answer you verry late .😳😳

  14. Yes , It’s late because we’re going to give you the best gameplay with real actions .

  15. Now I don’t know when we can release it. But were going to give the best gameplay patch to you.I’m so sorry bro

  16. Look, friends. We’re not releasing the 1.2V. We’re have a big bug and we have to fix it. It spends one month. I’m so sorry friends.

  17. You’re mocking us. I think you can’t relaese this gameplay because it is impossible for anyone!

  18. You’re making fun of us. You can’t create this gameplay because it’s impossible for anyone

  19. Your relaeses have many bugs! If you haven’t succeeded in 2 months how are you going to do it in a month?

  20. I’m so sorry friend.
    I think you’re a pro pes fan.
    We’re making players styles and movements.

  21. Maybe 1 month later maybe never……
    Because its very hard to convert styles and movements from pes 2018
    And we’re making styles like pes 2019..
    So we will have a surprise for you

  22. Yes bro.
    It’s completed and we’ll launch it after the last test . We’ll launch it after 20 days ….
    V 1.2 is coming soon….

  23. I hope that is true it will be very good thank you can you explain me at the details what we would have at that 1.2 version ?

  24. Look friends Mr.Babaei didn’t answer me and I want you to be patient and waiting for new version


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