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PES 17 Slower Legacy Gameplay (Requested) by Parham.8


PES 2017 Slower Legacy Gameplay (Requested Gameplay)

Download PES17 Slower Legacy Gameplay

Legacy gameplay with slower speed. Tnx 2:00 for assisting.

Only the speed (ball and movement) has been changed from legacy 2.2 as requested.

picofile tusfiles


  1. First of all thanks for your all work parham…

    I have one questions…

    Pes 17 gameplay better than pes 16 gameplay but still easy and gameplay patches is not completed this problem…

    But if you play master league, “derby matches” are very hard and very nice in this mod. Barca-real, inter-milan, ajax-psv, barca espanyol, madrid atletico, manu liverpool etc. Com players are very hard defence and very good offence performance in this game. if you play master league, you know this.

    My questions : can you make all matches be like a “derby matches”? İs it possible?

    Sorry my bad english and thanks for answer.

  2. Hello and thank you. If you choose uefa exhibition match, you can play a derby match. And choose away side. The option is under uefa chqmpions league/exhibition match

  3. Thanks parham but i dont understand sorry, because my english is very bad?

    Make all matches like derby matches in master league? Cpu players very hard defence, sliding tackle every position on defence and very good offence performance in derby matches.

    I want all matches be like a derby matches. weak team or strong team, all teams play like a derby game play.

    İf cpu teams hard play in derby matches, this mod is in the konami gameplay data, am i wrong?

    Can you make this mod in all matches in master league? Or not?

    Sorry again my bad english:)

  4. This is the Best Gameplay I’ve ever had so far. Looks more realistic. I like the passing style looks awesome. Thnx for your hardwork.

  5. That is dt10_win and it is different from gameplay file (dt18_win). Needa bin script writing. I tried some changes but it doesn’t work. Derby files are in dt10_win

  6. hi parham, do you know where i could find the tackle accuracy scripts? i load json file from dt18_win. but can’t find any tackle releted scripts in cpk

  7. Thanks again parham you are the best.

    İf you think make new patch, make the hardest one because especially computer players are very bad on defence. Goalkeepers are very nice but defence players are not aggressive. İf you can, make very harder defence.

    Really good job on every new patch.

  8. I need help, the games are played late the truth that I do not know what to do to solve it. sorry for my bad English

  9. malisimo el arbitro solo cobra faltas para el cpu la defena del cpu esta desbalanceada y los pases con muy malos

  10. Hello Parham.8
    Thank you for your great game-play patch
    Please could you make the next one harder by making AI attacks more , cross more and shoot more
    also try to make it harder to tackle the AI defenders near there goal
    could you provide me with your web site or blog to give you more feed back easily

  11. Hi mate, thank you for your work but it seems that dt18 doesn’t influence the gameplay… the speed is only the same unfortunately


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