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PES 17 Gameplay Version 4 By Parham.8


PES 2017 Gameplay Version 4 (dt18) By Parham.8

Download PES17 Gameplay v4 By Parham.8

Version 4 Changelog:

– lower game speed (shooting, passing, running)
– judgement
– difficulty

Attention: this not legacy

picofile tusfiles


  1. Good patch…. However, I would like to ask you to improve the referees.

    No matter how correct my player’s tackle is, it’s always a foul and/or a yellow card.

    More than 2 times AI’s players tackled my player from behind and my player became injured, but as usual referee gave no yellow card !!

    Seriously, if you tweak and improve the referee to be balanced and fair, this patch would be outstanding.

  2. También darle mayor reacción a los jugadores, y hay veces que los jugadores no se pueden acercar a la pelota cuando pasa alguna jugada.

  3. Could you please explain differences between this version, and Legacy and Ultimate?.
    I like slow gameplay, more fouls from CPU and less powerful shots.

    Thank you.

  4. Create a player. Choose a good player (for example neymar) that runs good. Base copy him to your created player. Transfer this created player where the original player is (for example barca). Now we have 2 neymar in barca. Edit original neymar. Base copy ronaldo to neymar. Now transfer the ronaldo (original neymar) to real madrid. Now we have 2 ronaldo in real. Edit original ronaldo and change him then remove him from the team. Now neymar is ronaldo. So he would run and dribble instead of shooting imm.

  5. Thanks for ansfer. I mean when cpu have ball with a player, player who have incaisive run need to cut inside, but they rearly do that, almost never. I would like cpu more feints,driblle etc. Real Ronaldo when have ball in 80% of time will try to cut inside from wide area and go for gol. But not in pes. He will 99% pass,cross or give trought ball. Also i notice that defender fallow forward, instide to play in line, try offside traps etc. i dont mean that this is your patch, it is konami code. can you somehow incrise individuality. Sory for bad english.

  6. hey parham can you please tell me other significant differences between 4.5 and legacy v2 apart from the speed factor..!! i use your legacy v1 :-).. it would easier for me to choose between your latest update of the two gameplay considering on other factors apart from speed..!! thanx..!!

  7. Hello. Well speed is the most important. Gks are better in v. 4.5. Speed of passing, shooting, ball speed, running speed, running with ball speed and … Are changed. As the result you can’t run with the ball as fast as legacy. The game feels like kind of heavy like fifa in v. 4.5. But legacy is not. However, version 4.0 is different with 4.5 and they do not look like each other in other factors except the speed.

  8. You can give more fouls? more dribble? and more shots your opponent? A good gameplay but wants more: D

  9. May i ask if you can change ball trajectory of direct freekicks to make it more realistic? I mean to shoot higher over the wall and that the ball falls quicker?
    Would be great, if you can check it :)

  10. Hello!!! do i have to do anything else except copy and paste the cpk file in the data folder at the game directory? Cause i did it and nothing seems to have changed in gameplay. I have the original steam version of the game…

  11. hey parham, do you know how to edit My team’s AI when i play on Fixed cursor? i editing some gameplay for BAL mode with ntpad but my team’s ai is too great…..every teams like barcelona. sorry for my english

  12. i making gameplay for BAL mode with ntpad, but my team’s ai is too great…every teams like barcelona. sorry for my english :/

  13. Hello parham.8.
    Im a super star player and i play master league can you please tell me wich one of your patch should i use because is so many defferent patches that you make and I’m confused.


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