1. i play pes for many years but are you kidding me Konami ??? wtf ?? this faces are horrible the fifa faces looks much better(many of them)not all ..big disappointment for me …hope the patches correct the faces

  2. Pense que el motor grafico de pes seria increible :( que le hicieron al PES? se ven horribles, pensaba que las caras del FIFA eran feas pero PES ahora le quito el puesto :/ (soy fan de Pes)

  3. I will said again this faces on photos are not from the final. Konami released new trailer before 1 day with new faces. Sure fifa has new faces better than 13 and its up to pes14 because pes 14 has a texture problem on antialazing to the texture.

  4. yea this year really pes disappointed me and if they didn’t release a patch to make up their mess I am going to switch to fifa 14 :(


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