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Personal Final Camera Settings For PES 2021 by pedritoperez


Personal Final Camera Settings (high end pc tips) For PES 2021 by pedritoperez

Personal Mod Cam that allows me to find the fun I am looking for and an impressive graphical improvement. All are invited to try, especially those who like to use the commoncam.

CAM Settings :

“Inside” the game put the WIDE CAMERA as follows:

Angle 5

Zoom 5

Height 5

Then in the sider COMMONCAM place the following:

Zoom : 16.70

Height: -0.38 (place the minus symbol)


1) main : “2.60” / 0.60 / 0.90
2) alternative: 50.00 / 2.30

Pitch: +0.20
GRAPHICS TIPS (All tests are carried out at 144hz / 2k resolution / w10 / gsync monitor/1080 Nvidia GPU/i7 9700K CPU)
* Gsync + disable vsync “in game” + Vsync enable in Nvidia Control Panel
* MSI mode: run it as administrator and just check the box for your gpu only and then restart: (you will have a little more response from the gamepad)
* Profile: for those who use the dualshock 4 v2 joystick and ds4windows (use version 2.2.14 for now):
* Nvidia Control Panel: Settings: (See previews)

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“using live football match, infinity 1 or 2 Gameplay by Holland”

“remove all gamebar in task manager, especially game bar presence writter”

“as long as you have YOUR SCREEN CALIBRATED, place inside the game:
contrast = 50 / Brightness: = 42”

“Then in the ColorChanger of the Sider:
Brightness 0.92 Contrast 1.00”

TURF: Vanilla Turf Plus SU v1 Green by endo.


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