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[PC/XBOX/PS3] Team Editor Manager 2018 – version 3.5.4


[PC / XBOX / PS3] Team Editor Manager (TEM) 2018 V3.5.4

Download TEM 2018 by Lagun-2

– Support with Ps3 and Xbox
– Unzlib/zlib console file (thanks to smeagol75)
– Fix registred position (thanks to johnnyusa2k3)
– Fix rmf position (thanks to johnnyusa2k3)
– Fix small bug (thanks to johnnyusa2k3)
– Fix drap&drop player in formation (thanks to johnnyusa2k3)
– Fix select captain, penalty kick… (thanks to marceu11)
– Fix drap&drop transfer (thanks to rickrd0)
– Fix import fm stats
– Fix export players (thanks to rickrd0)
– Fix export teams
– Fix import/export playerAppareance
– Improve the tool


More info: https://www.pes-patch.com/forum/thread-14125-post-26417.html#pid26417

Password: lagun-2

Credits: http://bit.ly/TemCredits


  1. Hello,
    sorry for my English
    I wanted to know how to use Team Editor Manager 2018 for the PS3 version of the game, when I open it I can only load bin files, but the PS3 file is not in that format

    thank you so much


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