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PC [PES 2012] ProGamerZ FINAL Patch ~The Marvelous Patch~

[PES 2012] ProGamerZ FINAL Patch
The Final Version of the Greek Patch for PES 2012 from ProGamerZ is available for download! The following patch includes:

New Database:

  • Full Greek Superleague with its own cup, HD team logos, kits and player stats.
  • Full Greek Football League with HD team logos, kits and player stats.
  • 3 New teams of Football League 2 (Proodeftiki, Niki Volou, Apollon Smirnis) HD team logos, kits and player stats.
  • Full Cypriot Marfin Laiki Bank League with its own cup, HD team logos, kits and player stats.
  • Full German Bundesliga with its own cup, HD team logos, kits and player stats.
  • Full English Barclays Premier League with its own cup, HD team logos, kits and player stats.
  • Realistic stats from PSD and FM 2012.
  • All the last transfers until 29/1/2012.
  • Adding Copa Libertadores teams to all game modes.
  • Corrected league structure.
  • Corrected fake team and players names.
  • Corrected line-ups.
  • Updated national team call-ups.
  • Corrected national team with logos.
  • Corrected classic teams with 3D faces and kits.
  • Updated boots and other accesoires to players.

New gameplay:

  • New gameplay with better animations, better goalkeepers, better ball physics and better AI.
  • Better feeling of a football match.
  • No blur in gameplay.

Adding a big amount of HQ 3D faces:

  • Adding 180+ 3D faces for Superleague and Football League.
  • Adding 250+ 3D faces for other leagues.
  • Adding 50+ scan faces.
  • Corrected ingame faces.
  • New hairstyles.

Corrected kits to all the teams:

  • Corrected GDB with HQ detailed kits.
  • Corrected referee kits.

Adding stadiums and other graphics:

  • New 8 3D realistic Greek Superleague stadiums with new lights and HD turf : (Kleanthis Vikelidis, Toumba, Genti Koule, O.A.K.A., Karaiskakis, Nea Smirni, Panaitolicos) and one from Football League (AEL Arena).
  • Adding 9 new German ingame stadiums with HD turf : (BayArena, Rhein-Energie Stadion,easyCREDIT Stadion, Signal Iduna Park, Stadion im Borussia-Park, Fritz-Walter Stadion, Mercedes-Benz Arena, Olympiastadion, Veltins-Arena).
  • Adding 7 new English ingame stadiums with HD turf : (Villa Park, Emirates Stadium, Reebok Stadium, Goodison Park, Ewood Park, Carrow Road, Anfield Road, Etihad Stadium).
  • Adding 3 other ingame stadiums with HD turf : (Ennio Tardini, San Paolo, Vicente Calderon).
  • New Previews for all the stadiums.
  • Corrected names to fake stadiums.
  • Adding new adboards for all the leagues including Greek ones.
  • New graphics in the stadiums.
  • Adding HD turfs to all stadiums.
  • Torch lights in team entrance.
  • New generic banners for all the teams.

A lot of new HQ graphics:

  • Adding new ProGamerZ.Gr Switcher with 10 Scoreboards and gloves.
  • Adding Realistic Greek Scoreboards of Superleague with ability of choice between ΝΕΤ or NOVA.
  • 2 new HD custom menu videos with ProGamerZ.Gr and Champions League Theme.
  • New HD Logos in all game modes.
  • New taskbar.
  • New ball for the most of the leagues including Greek ones.
  • A lot of new minor graphics.
  • New realistic Greek sponsors in Football Life.
  • Realistic trophies.
  • New wallpapers in the most of the game modes.
  • New PS3 pad.

Amazing sound feeling:

  • New chants for the most of Superleague teams and some for Football league ones.
  • Adding 16 new menu songs with HQ sound.
  • New national team anthems.
  • Corrected Greek commentary.


  • Adding “PROGAMERZ FC” team with team staff,realistic kits and HD Logo.
  • Take a look to ingame Credits!
-Project Leaders-
Mitsaras4, .::kostas::., SundayLover, TheSlayer, stefz0r-Option file and Database System-
Mitsaras4, .::kostas::., Anorthosisfc, SundayLover, PESEdit.com-Graphics and Animations-
Anorthosisfc, Mitsaras4, Antonic, SundayLover, stefz0r, Çhяìstös, TheSlayer-Kits-
Çhяìstös, Anorthosisfc, argypaok, .:Jontho:., .::kostas::., Σωτηράκης, Jordi, -Gazor-, Antonic, Matrix Team, PESEdit
Σωτηράκης, Adam99, alex13, Djtony, BlackRider1993, Cigman, godra94, HD3011, Joesitoh, Josemigol,
Kevski1991, locoloco, Onny, MichalGrau, Poncho0212, Starkiller , teiker17, ElNino9, dato1988ts, Agiga, ReZtart, AnatZ, tbvsac, Tunizizou, nickless, andyli00-Stadiums-
SundayLover, -Lavdakos-, johnnytrs, twich, Ema1993
-Sound Editing-
argypaok, Mitsaras4, SundayLover
Football Manager 2011/2012-Installer-
Mitsaras4, SundayLover-Uploading-
Antonic, Ραφαήλ, SundayLover, TheSlayer, stefz0r, .:: Dimitric::., .::Nikoc::., chris_aris, Stavrello M, .:: Pyrros::., Μιχάληs, kostas212

Credits to: hany3, PEStinatoR, milan84, stranxk, KO,Hawke, PrettyMarlon, Th3Sc0St1L3R, Omar Ahmed, MxSoNiC, ezosk, enzo, Tottimas, xpertvision, drunkr, vantrung1408, barcafan, juce, obocaman, NeC, [email protected], jenkey1002, BlackMagic10, -Panos-, starmann65, Hicksville, 羽化菩提, Fenomeno_10, GENKO06, PESCyprus.net, yair25, Marco_Unico, Jovan, milosh-96, Joseph77, -cave

The patch is tributed to the memory of Sotiris Ntonas…


  1. Really looking forward to this patch! I hope Welbeck, Jones, Lindegaard, Amos, Pogba, Valencia and Chicharito are not underrated like on original PES. Cheers.

  2. Will there be an update with the last two days transfers included? Konami don’t seem in too much of a rush to release an update. Great work from everyone involved with this :)

  3. ok paidia polu gamato to patchaki sas bravo!! ena 8ema exo mono….para para polu entona ta xromata pou balate kai arxisan na ponane ta matia mou!! an mporeite kapos na to ftiaksete auto,thx!!

  4. Guys, just update the winter transfers and everything is great. Oh, just one thing, Danny Welbeck is still way underrated, overall rating just 70!!!
    But this is the best patch anyway :-) Cheers.

  5. plz guys…how i can setting the camera like in this patch in other patch??..realy need your help..tq

  6. Πως το κατεβαζω ρε παπαρα4.Τα ιδια και στο σαιτ.Πρεπει να δωσουμε λεφτα στις εταιρειες?δεν θπαρχουν φρη τορεντ?

  7. Κάντε υπομονή.Θα μπουν νέα λινκς πολύ σύντομα!
    11 parts είναι…Δεν ανεβαίνουν στο τσακ μπαμ!

  8. Boro na pw pws to patch ta spaei . Alla auta pou kanate sthn camera einai gtp pws 8a ta ferw pali normal?

  9. @Eddy

    ΜΗΝ αλλάξεις την κάμερα γιατί θα έχεις προβλήματα με τα φώτα των γηπέδων!

  10. Vasika to PES 2012 einai apla gia ton poutso… Apo goalkeepers mexri ta markarismata p dn pianoun pote me tous paixtes na gurizoun gurw ap ton eauto tous k na mh mporeis na tous paris th mpala. K d milaw gia Messi k C. Ronaldo alla gia ton opoiodhpote.. Dokimasa mexri k gameplay patches k to paixnidi dn veltiw8hke ka8olou. Ta termata olo soupes k ta la8h tou paixnidiou k eidikotera tou gameplay polla k epanalamvanomena. Me vlepw gia FIFA

  11. I’ve been using this patch for about three days, and it makes the game so so much better! But there are little flaws, such as Bellamy and Hazard having see-through hair in matches (but full hair during replays) and some players such as Vertonghen of Ajax and Belgium being completely see-through. Also, there are no winter transfers at all. If this was updated, and there was a Division 2 switcher this would make PES the perfect game! Also the leagues are messed up, with things like Bayern Munich being in the Dutch like.. I love this patch, but if these things were improved I would love it even more!

  12. @3x_g4m3r
    Εξαρτάται πόσο γρήγορα ανεβαίνει το patch.Δεν μπορώ να πω με σιγουριά

    To patch έχει καταπληκτικό gameplay που δεν θα ξεκολλάς από το pro!

    A fix will be released soon……

  13. polu kalo patch paidia!entopisa mono provlhma me thn wide camera se merika ellhnika ghpeda(karaiskaki,toumpa,ael).ta fwta mpainoun mprosta apo thn camera kai den fainetai tipota.(dokimasa tis ruthmiseis alla tipota).kai allo ena provlhmataki me merika chants pou einai se asxetes omades.px ths larissas se kapoies germanikes omades.ta lew apla se periptwsh pou vgalete fix patch.kai pali polla mpravo gia thn douleia sas!

  14. @Sakis BTB5

    ΜΗΝ αλλάξεις την κάμερα γιατί θα έχεις προβλήματα με τα φώτα των γηπέδων!

  15. filara mia erwthsh 8elw na sou kanw…ksereis pws mporw na perasw chants gia ellhnikes omades???pia einai ta unnamed…???

  16. @Christos

    Το patch έχει chants υψηλής ποιότητας.


    You need 1.03 and DLC 2.00 before you install the patch.

  17. Παίδες πολύ καλή δουλειά. Μπράβο σας. Ένα μόνο προβληματάκι έχω. Βάλατε το “ΚΑΡΑΙΣΚΑΚΗ” 2 φορές. Όταν επιλέγω να παίξω στο “DA LUZ” μου εμφανίζει το “ΚΑΡΑΙΣΚΑΚΗ” όταν ξεκινάει ο αγώνας. Υπάρχει κάποιος τρόπος να το διορθώσω??????

  18. Παιδιά μπράβο πολύ καλή δουλειά. Έχω ένα προβληματάκι εάν μπορείτε να βοηθήσετε. Θέλω να βάλω πρόσωπα παιχτών που δεν τα έχετε και δεν μπορώ (χρησιμοποιώ ultimate editor 4.5.4). Μπορείτε να μου υποδείξετε εάν χρειάζεται κάποιον άλλο editor η με ποιο άλλο τρόπο να τα βάλω. Για παράδειγμα ο Falcao της Ατλετικο Μαδρίτης είναι σαν παιδάκι.

    Ευχαριστώ εκκ των προτέρων

  19. Ανυπομονώ διότι είναι το καλύτερο patch που έχω παίξει και από πλευράς AI gameplay. Πότε το υπολογίζετε να βγει εάν επιτρέπεται?

    Και πάλι χίλια μπράβο για την άριστη δουλειά σας!!!

  20. Tempo fa ho scaricato questa patch però non sono aggiornati i loghi della premier league…mi appare solato il totenam e il manchester united.
    Cosa devo fare per aggiornare questi loghi?
    Nella cartella dt0f.img ho aperto il file unnamed _2115 e i loghi ci sono tutti come mai non mia appaiono dopo aver attivato la patch…..


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