1. Where and how can we use this logos?I know they’re for scoreboards but this files are png. format :S Help please!

  2. 1. In GGS open files from other scoreboards called: unnamed_275.bin, unnamed_286.bin;
    2. Import these png files;
    3. Drag the logos to the right place.

    It’s so simple! ;)

  3. @ josedratewka : Thanks a lot for helping me bro!I never used GGS before,but I tried it today and I managed to import correctly the png. files on my scoreboards :)!

  4. omg it’s so easy.

    1. Open GGS. I would prefer to start it as administrator.
    2. Open unnamed_275.bin
    3. Select the pic from unnamed_275.bin you want to replace.
    4. Open the .png file with the right size and drag it to the original pci you want to replace. Drop it there.

    So easy.


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