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P.E.S 2017 C.R.7 Edition by Mohamed Sameh


P.E.S 2017 C.R.7 EDITION by Mohamed Sameh

Download CR7 Mod For PES2017 PC

add 10 kits for Real Madrid 8 for players and 2 for gk
add 6 kits for Portugal 4 for players and 2 for gk
(You must follow the video to end to know how to make all kits working)
change referee kits to Spanish liga kits
change graphics menu photos to C.R.7 photos and graphics menu color to brown
change all game intros to C.R.7 intros
change manager kit to Real Madrid manager kit
add C.R.7 face in middle of Santiago Bernabeu stadium
add new tefo for Santiago Bernabeu stadium fans
add C.R.7 net
add C.R.7 adboard
add new gloves pack 19 gloves include C.R.7 fantasy glove and Sergio Romero glove
add new boats pack 15 boat include 8 boats for C.R.7
add new balls pack 51 ball
include 7 balls for C.R.7 , P.E.S 2018 ball and Real Madrid ball
update Real Madrid players faces
update Real Madrid players mini faces
add P.E.S 2018 official scoreboard, P.E.S 2018 fantasy scoreboard and Real Madrid Spanish league scoreboard (you can choose what you want to install in your generator)

Video link here.
If the video doesn’t open download it from here
WinRar v5.4 download link to extract mod without any problems here
WinRar generator link here
Kit studio download link to make kits working here
mod download link here

Mohamed Sameh
Delan Taqana
Ahmed Hafez
LE Wilyam


  1. hey u have a great work but i deleted it because you disrespect konami by putting fifa front cover in adboard and you also remove everything related to pes and konami. if i want to play fifa games i know where to go. thanks and bye

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