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Official Konami PES 2009 Patch 1.30


To play network matches, the application must be updated.
Access the Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 update page (PES2009Patch130.zip) and update the application.

How to update and content details are listed too.

If you do not wish to update, press the “close” button to close the browser.
Time of Release: 17/2/2009

Patch ver. 1.30 corrects the following bugs:
1. Sometimes during Network play, the pass and go move didn’t work.
2. When hitting long passes or shots from free kicks, players couldn’t adjust the direction using L1 or R1.

Please be made aware that sometimes, during installation, the process may appear to have stalled with the window status shown as “not responding” for a few minutes.

However, we would like to ask you to wait for the installation to resume rather than to retry or abort as the installation is in progress even when the above symptoms occur.

We would like to thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.


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