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NPower Patch 1.5 by PetRuSh


NPower Patch 1.5 by PetRuSh


– KONAMI Official Patch 1.03
– DLC 7.00
– Own .exe (multi-patch)
– Correct names, kits, emblems for all teams
– Correct names for all players
– Champions League 2010/2011 teams
– UEFA Europa League 2010/2011 teams
– Bundesliga (FULL)
– NPower Championship (FULL-20 teams)
– 10 new nationalities: Macedonia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova (playable in BaL mode)
– 10+ new teams from Europa and America
– Correct map location for all teams
– New kits: Ajax, Argentina, Arsenal, Aston Villa, Bayern M, Brazil, Chelsea, Cruzeiro, Everton, France, Internacional, Juventus, Karpaty, Liverpool, Lyon, Metalist, Mexico, Milan, Nacional, Peru, Rangers, Sao Paolo, Schalke, Shakhtar, Spain, Stoke, Sweden, Ukraina, Venezuela, Wolfsburg
– Scoreboard: ESPN
– New adboards
– Refferee kits
– New balls – 31
– New HD boots – 60
– 20 In-Game created stadiums
– New turfs for in-game created stadiums
– New motion before match
– Team supporters
– and more …


1. Delete previous kitserver
2. Run setup.exe ( Next —> Next —> Start —> Next —> Exit )
3. Run game from desktop shortcut “npower patch”.
4. ENJOY!!


tools: [email protected], barcafan, BaCkDoOr, Juce and Robbie;
boots: Ron69;
kits: anton, arturo610, BeasT, elloko54, karata96, Ludeica;
scoreboard: KO
Manson, PEStinator, Harrienak, Hicksville, Manson, Severus, poriddge, Ar2r;
& others.

I’m looking for:
kitmakers: 2-3 guys
facemakers: 2-3 guys
write me in PM, but only good makers, not begginers :)


  1. are there really new kits for milan, becuse on the picture they have old i mean yersey for this season and not 2011/2012. so does milan have kits 2011/2012 in this patch and are there all transfers complete?

  2. I have a problem with this patch issued an error that has named d3dx9_43.dll what I can do that are not installed this patch.ju not please them where possible with a little help

  3. Stats are same as original game,patch is ok and work 100%,it would be nice to evaluate individual players improve.POZZZ

  4. does this patch need to install this patch earlier versions? or directly download and install this patch?anyone reply please! >,<

    sorry my english not so perfect

  5. @g4mer: Stats are KONAMI Default

    @Mehman: Kitserver is newest one

    @anesti: search od google for d3dx9_43.dll, download it and copy into C:\Windows\System32

    @Imam fabregas: It’s All-In-One

  6. I install this patch but only thems are changed. Correct names, kits, emblems for all teams not changed. My Pes is russian version. Do you know why did nothing change ?

  7. So i deleted my previous PES installation because the PES COOL PATCH 1.2 I was using stopped working. I installed PES again and went directly to install your NPower 1.5. I run the game from the NPower shortcut and that D3dx9_43 error shows up but i click “Ok” and the game continues. Once in the game I noticed that there are no changes at all! The game continues the same, withouth the jerseys for Brazil and all the other ones. What did I do wrong?

  8. i installed the patch but when i try to run “npower patch” from desktop it doesnt work….. a window comes out and it says “pro evolution soccer 2010” has stopped working.i need some help.

  9. i tried to run it as adminstrator but it says “the file is either damaged or was not installed correctly.please uninstall then installing it again”
    and i did uninstall it and installed it again but i get the same massege.

  10. Hi There,

    Im ur big fan. Your npower patch 1.1 was fantastic. I have tried install this 1.5 patch. i have done fresh installation ( uninstal pes 2011, reisntsal then install this patch), however when i want to open it, its not responding and this is what it said “Problem Event Name: BEX, error message”. Anything i have to do? i really love ur patch and i have been waiting for this hopefully u can guide me. thanks

  11. yep i have the same problem with @Memet.. it crash when loading FA cup in ML. any help with this? ty ;)

  12. my save at become a legend and master leg are gone in the new patch u made
    i didnt find them
    i really love ur patch but is there anyway to get back my save in the new patch
    thanks a lot & plz replay

  13. I deleted kitserver and installed your patch but many kits are wrong, what should I do to fix it?

  14. a lot of the kits are wrong(weird looking,misplaced) or just grey without anything on them.whats wrong with them?

  15. There’s some wrong kits like Ajax it’s grey !!
    Is it something wrong with the patch ?

  16. My game is crashing when in BAL mode, when it’s showing the teams entrance, why does that happen? Because of the patch? Or other reason?

  17. Tha patch is GREAT but it crashes when i’m playing FA cup in ML.
    Pleeeeeeaaaaaseeeee heeeeeeeeelpppppp :/

  18. why, after completed install game pES 2011, he say “has not been installed “. why??? please help I.I appealed to your.

    ~I install use cd.
    ~I try many install game pes 2011. but do not become also.(

    sorry my bad English..
    please help me…

  19. hi… I’m from Malaysia juz want to know…. the line up in malaysia team is right or not???

  20. Hi petrush, i manage to get it right. Thanks a lot. We need to run it as admin for win7 64-bit.

    I have a question here, i cant find Malaysia team using pes editor cz the jersey is the old one. do you know how can i access it so i could edit it myself? thanks

  21. its the best one,really..we should be greateful for it.People there are always some crashes get use to it ;-) if u instaled some stadiums probably because that


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