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New Star Patch 2.6 By P.E.S Staff [Multilanguage patch]


Alloys & Teams present:

1. Premier League
2. Serie A TIM
3. LFP
4. Ligue 1
5. Eredivisie
6. Other Leagues
7. Bundesliga
8. National
9. National Classics

Complete descriptions of Patch

1. New logos HD
2. Added new kits numbers and characters of the Spanish Liga
3.Inseriti new kits numbers and characters of Serie A
4.Inseriti new kits numbers and characters of Bundesliga
5.Inseriti new kits numbers and characters of the Eredivisie
6.Inseriti new kits numbers and characters of Premier League
7.Inseriti new kits numbers and characters of Other Alloys
8.Inseriti new kits numbers and characters of Nazionaili Classics
9. Added kits and logos teams without a license
10.Nuove Nets
11.Cambiate images and names for each Royal Stadium
12.Nuovi balls, with real names and preview
13.Nuovi Alboards
14. Incorporated logos at all championships
15. Added the Bundesliga instead of Other B Championships edited to 90% (the F daily updates)
16. Released all the players and released classics
17.Aggiornate the Rose of All championship teams in pes
18. Posted scoreboard SKY SPORTS
19. Created so many players missing
20. Enter all the cups and prizes original
21. New Wallpapers for menus
22. New uniforms for referees
23. New Youth trainers targate P.E.S.
24. Included television microphones
25. X360 joypad replaced with that of the PS3
26. File OF updated daily and development to completion
27. Entered the choirs of the biggest supporters
28. Market finalized on 20/11/2008
29. Relinkati all kits and faces
30. Changed presentation backgrounds for championships and cups
31. Correct names and roses classic teams
32. Changed names of leagues and cups
33. Adboards electronic
34. New gloves for goalkeepers
35. Modified some Manti
36. New kit version of World Cup qualification
37. Added new faces for players and fixate on other existing
38. Updated all the
39. Updated values of some players
40. New music background
41.Aggiunti the sky equal to the replay scoreboard
42.Modificato Champions League Scoreboard
43. Correct all the names and competitions of the championships


Thanks to the following authors for having allowed their work to patch:

el_gordito – Konami – Paul81118 – aLEx_1O – -SG- – Promitheas – everton1987 – Milan84 – sheridans – TheHitman – frey92 – KingOfPatch – C.Ron4ldo7 – Joker – Federico10 – Mikele Fasano – Jorge Martinez – Maze32 – Pisoluzzo – Lightingstar – genko06 – Guzzaghino and finally gigimarulla with its delightful patch of choirs


First, the patch works on the game or the clean version 1.1 of Konami that:

for who has the game to version 1.2 do not worry, there is no need to reinstall anything, just go to Control Panel> Programs and Facilities> obtain the endorsement at the top “show up> search in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 and you will see under a heading “Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Patch 1.2”> only highlight this subheading and click on Remove … after a few seconds you your version ripristinalo PES 1.1.

Now that we all have version 1.1 or the game clean, you can install the patch. After downloading all in a folder, you should have these folders tablets:
– Kitserver
– Cs0d.img
– Cv0a.img
– Cv0f.img
– Pdata.img
– Cv01.img
– Cv03.img
– Cv05.img
– Cv06.img
– Cv09.img
– Rv0c_i.img
– FO_v1.2

– Map

Regarding the cs0d.img, you with updates:
– Part 1
– Part 2
– Update4

As stated above are folders and Tablets must first unpack / extract before putting them in the right place … so d
o not put it directly like you see in kitserver!

We begin:

1) Remove the Kitserver folder from the folder Kitserver compressed and saved in C: ProgrammiKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2009;
2) Take out one by one all folders. Img (cs0d.img, cv0a.img, cv0f.img, pdata.img, cv01.img, cv03.img, cv05.img, cv06.img, cv09.img, rv0c_i. img), from their folders and save Tablets in the img in kitserver extracted in step 1 (almost C: ProgrammiKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2009kitserverimg);
3) Remove the GDB folder and save it in C: ProgrammiKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2009kitserver;
4) Pull the 2 files in FO_v1.1_bundesliga_70 and save them in C: Documents and SettingsnomeutenteDocumentiKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2009save;

Now we apply the updates:
1) Remove the file folder map.txt by map_1227314360 and save it in C: ProgrammiKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2009kitserverGDBuni;
2) Pull the 2 folders respectively cv05 hp and 06 in the compressed folder Aggiornamento_cv05__cv06.
3) Now copy and paste (overwriting), the files of two folders of the preceding paragraph and copy them into their folders kitserver in detail the files are copied cv05 folder in C: ProgrammiKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2009kitserverimgcv05.img;
the files are copied cv06 folder in C: ProgrammiKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2009kitserverimgcv06.img.

As for the choirs

1) extract the 3 files – Part 1 – Part 2 – Update4 and copy the files in the folder cs0d kit server C: ProgrammiKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2009kitserverimgcs0d.img respecting the order of cartlelle: first that of Part 1 and Part 2 of those and in the last dell’Update4.

Now go to the file “setup” in C: ProgrammiKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2009kitserver open it and click on “install” appear to confirm the sentence in the “KitServer INSTALLED correctly for This folder” and you’re done.

The patch is installed!

Then affixed to put the problem of not control the players or one of them, just go in the game menu> System Settings> setting controller and select “off” at the “sel. Player ”

With the contribution of x x Alexander_10 this tutorial.



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