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New Mirrors for the PES Patch Blog


Rapidshare is not so good lately, so I still use RS where if is only the mirror. Limiting collector’s account and 150 seconds waiting time and another 15 minute more to wait after one download for RS made me use another mirrors like:

– http://www.filefactory.com
– http://uploading.com/
– http://easyshared.com/

If needed ask for another mirrors… i just use mostly my mirrors, so I know that patches are online and ready to download.

Note: I am not removing credits or read me’s for uploaded files, I just use a link more inside archives, as u could seen lately…

Why ? Because of these sites like this :) http://pes-patch.li/ they like to copy, me too, but I at least I give them all the credits to the patchmakers, cheers guys!

Enjoy… PES Patch Blog.


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