Home PES 2011 Patches New gameplay + animation patch by Jenkey1002 – Beta

New gameplay + animation patch by Jenkey1002 – Beta


pes 2011 New gameplay + animation patch by Jenkey1002

New gameplay + animation patch by Jenkey1002 – beta released :

– Base from komu & yair12 gameplay patch
– New ball physic
– New AI for COM
– New goalnet
– New 40 animation from PES2010 (just play & you can notice, It’s just a small change)
… (updating)

beta version (gameplay slow ver.) – My friend & I tested, no bug but remember it’s just the beta version.

Please use my link, no mirror.

If you want post my work in other page, use this link. It’s free & just need to wait a little time. Hope you understand, It’s not for me, It’s for Japan & japanese people still sufering for earthquake. I guess you know what happend in Japan, so let me do something for this country. It’s just a little thing I can do, thanks for your cooperation.

Install : (It used original folder path but have “no replay” setting).

Credits : komu, yair12, juce, barcafan
Please feedback to help me improve that :)


  1. that’s what I asked but nobody knows an answer, because when I put the patch i lose logos,kits and team names.does anyone know??????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Working great with pesedit patch without bugs. But needs some improvements such as short and long passes. AI very good. Very flood gameplay.

  3. thanks pes-patch & everyone :)
    It’s my first beta, all your feedback is very helpful. In next time will have new AI & try will better ball physic. If have problem with animation : remove file “unnamed_3.bin” in folder “dt0e.img”. I want to make sure did right way with animation and if It’s good enough will have big animation patch.

  4. Excuse me. I have no kitserver or kitfolder. Where is it? Or How it do in my computer? Is it nessesary?


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