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Nesa24 Camera Modules For Sider by juce [PES 2021]


Nesa24 Camera Modules 3.3 For PES 2020-2021 Sider by juce

Re-wrote the Lua modules for the following cameras to work with latest Konami updates:

Live Broadcast Camera (BroadCastCam.lua)
Common Camera – “Midrange”,”Long”,”Wide”,”Pitch (Field) Side”, “Custom” (CommonCam.lua)
Dynamic Wide Camera (DynamicWideCam.lua)
Fan View Camera (FanViewCam.lua)
Penalty Kick Camera (Penalty_zh.lua)
Replay Camera (ReplayCam.lua)
Stadium Camera (StadiumCam.lua)
Vertical Camera (VerticalCam.lua)

Download 3.3 [Link]

New versions of these modules are now:

1. Adaptable. Meaning that they can work with any game exe – old, new, etc. Whenever Konami updates exe again, they will adapt to that too.
2. Safe. If the module cannot find the necessary locations in memory, it will report error on startup and disable itself. You will see information in sider.log on what went wrong, but there will be no crashes caused by writing into wrong places in memory.

How to install:

1. copy the modules folder into your sider folder. Replace old files with new, if Windows asks you about it.
2. modify your sider.ini. Make sure you have this line near the top of the list of modules, above any specific camera module:

lua.module = "lib\nesalib.lua"

Then add the specific camera module that you want to use. You can put in just one, or several, or all of them, if you want to:

lua.module = "BroadCastCam.lua"
lua.module = "CommonCam.lua"
lua.module = "DynamicWideCam.lua"
lua.module = "FanViewCam.lua"
lua.module = "PenaltyCam.lua"
lua.module = "ReplayCam.lua"
lua.module = "StadiumCam.lua"
lua.module = "VerticalCam.lua"

Changelog 3.0: stadium-specific settings are supported now:

How this works:
Stadium-specific settings are supported for all cameras in the collection. There are two modes of operation: “common” and “stadium”. The first one – “common” – the same settings are applied to every stadium. This how things worked before, and this is how they start out by default. If you have the camera module active in the overlay, you can hit “[7]” – to switch between “common” and “stadium” modes. If you are in stadium-mode, the overlay will now say Mode: stadium and it will show which stadium the settings are for. Now any changes you make will be only for this stadium:

All settings are automatically saved into the same .ini file
(each camera module has its own single ini-file, just like before)

Note for StadiumServer users:
If you use StadiumServer, I highly recommend updating to version 1.20 or newer. This way you will have the ability to use unique settings per stadium even when multiple stadiums share the same id.

Changelog 3.1:
– Penalty_zh.lua has been renamed to PenaltyCam.lua, and now has angle control! So you can get some pretty cool realistic views as in a TV broadcast. Makes penalty shoot-outs more fun, in my view

Changelog 3.3:
– updated VerticalCam.lua – now works with 1.04.00 exe (and also with older exes too)

Thanks to @digitalfoxx – for finding the problem and the solution to it!

Camera research work: nesa24
No longer a user here, and yet he is still making PES better for all of us. Think about it.

The module has been renamed, so do not forget to update your sider.ini to have this line:

lua.module = "PenaltyCam.lua"

All game research credit: nesa24


  1. I need custom Side View camera (height, zoom, angle), can you fix for new patch 1.03.02
    Thank you

  2. Juce quote: So we have all 4 now for common camera

    now includes CommonCam.lua – with zoom, height, angle, and pitch controls
    (As mentioned above, this module modifies: Midrange, Long, Wide, Pitch Side, and Custom cameras)



    credit: nesa24, pedritoperez, juce

  3. c e un modo per mettere la telecamera nel lato opposto ? ho um problema con il tetto di uno stadio grazie

  4. It doesn´t work with the last siders (6.3.4 and 6.3.5) every time I kick off it makes the game crashes, I realized after several times of removing files from the modules and after removing some of your files finally the game could work perfectly, so please fix this problem thank you

  5. All cameras works perfectly but I’ve had one issue, can someone help:
    Loading module: VerticalCam.lua …
    Registered for “after_set_conditions” event
    Registered for “set_teams” event
    [VerticalCam.lua] vertical camera height/zoom/pitch base addr: 0x14260de80
    PROBLEM: Lua module (VerticalCam.lua) “init” function returned an error: [string “VerticalCam.lua”]:80: unable to find vertical camera angle addr
    Module (VerticalCam.lua) is NOT activated

  6. hello. Minus button work fine, but I cannot find + button on the keybord. + button on the keyboard not work and RS on gamepad also not work. I can set only MINUS on agles, but I cannot set angle back with + button. thank you.


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