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MyPES 2017 Patch v0.2


MyPES 2017 Patch v0.2 by mypes-game.ru – released 17.09

Download MyPES 2017 Patch 0.2 Preview MyPES 2017 Patch
Link MyPES 2017 Patch Update 0.2 (3) Preview MyPES 2017 Patch

Changes in 0.2:
– Fixed a bug with the search for an opponent in online game modes
– Real names for all Championship teams LaLiga, LaLiga 2 and the Portuguese League
– Real kits for Juventus and Sassuolo
– Real kits for all the Spanish teams in LaLiga
– Real emblems for all teams of the Portuguese League

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How to install:
Run the installer and follow the instructions of the program
…\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

Изменения в 0.2:
– Исправлена ошибка с поиском соперника в онлайн режимах игры
– Реальные названия для всех команд Чемпионшипа, ЛаЛиги, ЛаЛиги 2 и Португальской лиги
– Реальные формы для Ювентуса и Сассуоло
– Реальные формы для всех испанских команд ЛаЛиги
– Реальные эмблемы для всех португальских команд

Как установить:
– Запустите инсталятор и следуйте указаниям программы

Требуемая версия игры: steam
Язык интерфейса: русский


  1. He still would not install when you install it suits me a message (which can not even read) thanks for the advice … make video – tutorial how install this patch please

  2. he seems good but i would insert manually in pes folder.. i want to see what this patch modify and backup first
    there’s no way to install in another folder?

  3. Make sure to verify integrity of the game at steam if you had MYPESv.01 installed. Instal v.02 after doing this and online mode will work just fine.

  4. Celta 2nd kit crashes game. Real Madrid 2nd kit is not the correct, the real has the stripes in shoulders. When you change many times kits in match mode, the kit appears with black errors.


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