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MyClub Legends PES2020 Team Pack DP 5.0 by SoulBallZ


PES 2020 MyClub Legends Team Pack DP 5.00 by SoulBallZ

Download Teams Pack For PES20 MyClub

– 2 new teams: Golden Team & Dream Team replace European Classics & World Classics.
– Squad selection based on Official Partner Clubs:
Golden Team includes legends from Manchester United, AC Milan, Bayern München, Sao Paulo + other teams.
Dream Team includes legends from Barcelona, Arsenal, Juventus, Inter + other teams.
– 80 playable legends with correct minifaces.
– Large variety of kit selection (5 myClub Legends kits, 4 eFootball kits, NIKE x 10R Kit, Classic kits: Manchester United, AC Milan, Bayern München, Barcelona, Arsenal, Juventus, Inter).
– Lowered stats for Free Agent fake legend players so there won’t be Free Agents in ML with 90 OVR.
– Compatible with DP 5.0 and EvoWeb Patch 5.0.

Note: To choose between kits – open sider overlay with “space” button, change to kserv.lua with “1” button and choose between kits with “6” and “7” buttons.
Known bugs: If you choose between kits with “6” and “7” buttons the player models height can change. It’s a strange kitserver bug and only happens in the menu before match & edit mode.


How to install?
1) Copy EDIT00000000 to Documents/KONAMI/eFootball PES 2020/Your number/save folder.
2) Copy “Legends Team Pack” folder to your sider/livecpk folder.
3) Add the following line (ABOVE EvoWeb Patch lines!) to your sider.ini:
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\Legends Team Pack”

cpk.root = ".\livecpk\Legends Team Pack"
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch\Database"

4) Install kitserver [Link]
5) Copy “kit-server” folder to sider/content folder.
If you are already using kitserver don’t copy map.txt, just add the following lines:
2703,”MyClub Legends\Golden Team”
2704,”MyClub Legends\Dream Team”
to your map.txt.

SoulBallZ – The creator of the pack
Junior Mantis – MyClub Legends V4 OF
juce – Sider and Kitserver
shawminator – CGPE
zlac – Kit Studio
Cesc Fabregas and Hawke – Help.


  1. Hello guys I can install the patch and team are in game but their kits are for world and europe classic teams and there are no changes in kit
    I did all things you said as help but no changes
    And i dont have any patch on my game
    Thanks if you help me


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