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MLS 2011 for PES 2012 PC Option File BETA 1 by db89


[Image: scrshotchicagofirepardo.th.jpg] [Image: scrshotbeckham.th.jpg] [Image: scrshotcoloradogoal.th.jpg]

The beta 1 of my MLS 2011 PC Option File for PES 2012 is now available for the download.

Please report if you find new bugs/problems or have any suggest.

Installation and many other instructions are contained on the included PDF.

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For the moment, enjoy these screenshots (work-in-progress) Good
Pardo at Fires:
[Image: scrshotchicagofirepardo.th.jpg]
Beckham at Galaxy:
[Image: scrshotbeckham.th.jpg]
Colorado’s goal:
[Image: scrshotcoloradogoal.th.jpg]
DC United vs LA Galaxy:
[Image: scrshotdcunitedvslagala.th.jpg]
All home kits:
[Image: scrshotfullkitsrender.th.jpg]
NY Red Bulls vs Fires:
[Image: scrshotnyrbvsfire.th.jpg]
[Image: scrshotnyrbvsfire2.th.jpg]
Philadelphia vs Chivas:
[Image: scrshotphillyvschivas.th.jpg]
Red Bull Arena:
[Image: scrshotredbullarena.th.jpg]
Seattle vs Portland Timbers:
[Image: scrshotseattlevsportlan.th.jpg]


  1. after i installed it…all of the team kits turn into simple kits and ugly…except all MLS players..please fix it..

  2. Did you mean the other team’s kits or also the MLS kits? If are the other team’s kits (like the Premier League ones), so you have to manually export the teams from my OF and import them to another option file, see the instructions on the included help file (section “Copy to other OFs”)

  3. I mean other teams…for example la galaxy vs barcelona…la galaxy team kit is perfect..like its real…but barcelona kit is just red color…..and so other teams…
    The mls league is just perfect…maybe there is a clash…
    Thank you.keep up.

  4. Well, I don’t know, it’s just a supposition… This file doesn’t need any installation, simple copy the Save folder on your KONAMI\PES 2012 directory (backing up your previous save, like explained on the Help). But I really don’t know why this happens.

  5. is there any way to like create a new league and import the mls teams into that league or even turn the othe american teams into a league?


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