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Megalink for PES2011 by EPT


Megalink for PES2011 by EPT

Megalink introduction:

1. Megalink support to patch PES2011 like kitserver (But no GDB), even KONAMI update the game.
2. Megalink support multi patch pack, just store to slot0, slot1…etc.

How to use:
1. Unpack to any folder or path.
2. Put unnamed_*.bin into correct folder in slot0, for example: slot0\dt04.img folder.
3. Double click megalink.exe to launch PES2011 with slot0 patch pack.
4. If you have multi patch pack, just use config.exe to switch them.(also can edit the mlink.ini)

Author: [EPT]neogeo64
Copyright: EPT Editing Team
Website: www.ept-team.com


  1. Hi, how do i know which unnamed file folder in which to?
    It is unclear where a unnamed file then i should add.
    For example: Put the unnamed 35 into slot0/dt04.

  2. i read and i hope to understand

    if you copy that files in your pes2011 folder
    and you want to have 2 diferent patchs
    then you must have folder slot0 and folder slot1
    and in these folders you copy the folders like dt04.img,dt01.img,dt05 and so on,not import folders with afs explorer

  3. sorry…but this program causes a lot of crashes in the game…needs some fix to make it usable

  4. I need the i.d for Holland so I can put the national anthem in the dt01 folder. Can you please help me with this


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