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Master League "SponZor" v1.0.4 by BugA


I suggest using this program only in some “special” situations, like recovering from a “sudden” game over when you`ve misjudged your possibilities, or if you wish so hard to get that excellent new striker

Otherwise, you could just ruin all the Master League fun, because it`s the “hard work for big money” that it is all about.

PES 09 ML – SponZor v1.0.4 (by BugA)

  • author: BugA
  • date: 2008-12-22
  • file type: rar
  • file size: 1.08 MB

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:: version 1.0.4
– improved support for PES version 1.0

:: version 1.0.3
– re-solved problem with PES version 1.0
– improved program`s stability

:: version 1.0.2
– solved Windows Vista issue
– improved working logic

:: version 1.0.1
– solved problem with PES version 1.0

:: Special thanks to Jakal (evo-web), vita (pes-serbia) and Ghost Rider (pes-serbia) for testing and helping to locate and remove program bugs!

How to use:

Well, you first need to start your “Pro Evolution Soccer 2009”

  • Start new Master League (or open your saved game).
  • Minimize PES (Alt + Tab), and switch back to “SponZor“.
  • Type in the exact amount of money (points) you currently have.
  • Press “Enter” or click the “Check…” button to access your bank account.
  • Replace the existing value with a new one (type in the preferred value).
  • Press “Enter” or click the “Donate!” button.

You can now close “SponZor” and go back to PES (click the taskbar).

NOTE: You won`t see changed money (points) immediately, it takes some time until the money is actually transferred to your bank account Just kidding, go one menu further (“To Next Match”, for example), and then come back to the previous menu (press “Esc”), and voala! Your money is right there where it should be.

Now, go and sew brand new kits for your team, with your own name as a team sponsor No more money problems for you!



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