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Malaysia Patch v1.4 by RaZoR


General Feature:
*All features from PESEdit 0.5+0.5.1

Added Features by RaZoR:
*All feature from previous version
*Added Malaysia Premier League as 2nd Division
*Added Malaysia Classic Team
*Malaysia League for season 2011.
*Update some player transfer for Malaysia Club
*Malaysia team based on AFF Suzuki squad (2010)
*Real player name for all Malaysia clubs
*84 Scanned face for Malaysia player
*Fix some number & font for Malaysia Clubs.
*New power bar
*Custom wallpaper
*Unlock all in Extra Content

How to install:
Please follow this guide step by step:
1. It is recommended to do a fresh installation before installing the patch.
2. Update DLC 15.10 (Download at Pes-Patch @ update in game)
3. Install Patch PESEdit 0.5 patch 0.5.1 patch. (Download at PESEdit.com)
4. Download MAS Patch v1.4 and extract file.
5. Put kitserver folder into C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
6. Overwrite all
7. Attach the kitserver to the game. (Right click at Manager.exe, run as administrator for Win7)
8. Put KONAMI folder into My Document\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.
9. Start the game.

*PESEdit Team (PESEdit patch)
*NoName (kits, RTM1 Tv Logo and Wallpaper)
*Dartyard (Supersport scoreboard)
*All Tools Maker
*All Face Makers



  1. ko mesti ganti ngan team D2 EPL kan?? aku wat main master league..jersey kelantan guna jersey lyon, btol ke??

  2. adip: ko download new file kt forum bro..yg kt pes-patch ni ada missing file sbb tu kit xjd..lg 1 aku edit D2 yg dlm PESEdit 0.5..Dlm patch tu ada team 2.Bundesliga bkn D2 EPL..

    IDOp_pes_malaya: download fix kt forum utk kit terengganu & t-team

  3. D2 EPL ade ke?? sebab aku wat main ML..seblom ni ade aku download patch, ade D2 bundesliga, D2 EPL x de..

  4. broo..patch baru ko yg ni leh replace patch ko yg lame ni ker>>>>>>RaZoReDiT_Malaysia_Patch_v1.3???

  5. faizal..yg kt blog razor tu update ngn fix dari patch ni sb patch ni ade mslah skit..kau download patch ni dlu,,pastu kau download smua fix yg ade kt blog razor tu..

  6. “bile maen patch yg br ni,bile da goal ade replay slow motion la…cmne nk buang file yg berkaitan ngan replay slow motion tu?die mesti ade kan name file nyer?”

  7. bro..its working….tapi biler aq nak main master league pakai liga super x bleh….tiba2x dia pop out kluar….camner nak wat….????


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