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Lewpop’s Gameplay Mod PES 2021


The two main focuses for this one are:

AI variety – Balanced a number of values around the AI’s passing and crossing selection. You should see the AI trying a number of things that they don’t normally try such as early through balls, early crosses, long chipped through balls etc.

User responsiveness – Had to make a number of changes to achieve this as it’s heavily influenced by the way the AI are programmed to mark space. Kind of complicated to explain so I won’t go in to depth but feel free to reach out if you want.

PES 2021 Gameplay Mod Final Revised by Lewpop

Of course in addition to these, I’ve made a lot of additional tweaks to allow gameplay to remain as enjoyable as possible, and to keep the team shape somewhat logical… though there is still a way to go here.

FYI, I’ve spent a lot of time using ‘Live Football Match V1 Update’ by @Holland with this dt18, and it’s honestly given me some of the best matches I’ve had on this game!

Download here Final Revised version. See here for previous changes and versions.



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