Home PES 2014 Patch Legend 50′-70′ Italian OF by Granpa Oreste

Legend 50′-70′ Italian OF by Granpa Oreste


Legend 50′-70′ Italian Option File by Granpa Oreste

Simply installation: make a copy of your save folder e copy my save folder (remember that you must set our personal setting).

Legend 50'-70' Italian option files by Granpa Oreste

ONLY 19 team working
Italy 70′-74′
England 66′-70′
Brazil 60′-70′
West Germany 70′-74′
Holland 74′
Uruguay 50′-70′
Argentina 66′-78′
Poland 74′
Mexico 70′
Hunghery 54′
France 50′-70′
Spain 50′-70′
Chile 62′
Urss 68′ 70′
Portugal 66′
Scotland 70′-78′
Sweden 50′
Est Germany 74′ (only team maybe named Austria rename it with some external editor)
Yugoslavia 68′-78′ (only team maybe named serbia rename it with some external editor)

uploaded 4shared mirrorcreator

run good with pes version 1.13 without external patchs
Pes internal level SUPERSTAR
Nesa final patch
fileloader 1.02.09 at this reccomended gameplay setting
ai level 3 or more
activated enforce Ai balance and remove bad AI
chipshot power ay 200 (for a bug of Nesa patch)

are presents all players with personal id play then you can play with all pes champions
all teams have ours real tattics , some formation are unrealistic , but funny
play only single match … if you run some competition , then AI formation it’ too casual

know bugs
it’s a single man work made only with internal editor (faces not too good..)
only for fun
All suggestions are appreciated, in scolastic english :-)

Good play!



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