1. @ gide22

    ok, textures are really great without a doubt..its the best created stadium i’ve seen here….and still wondering how you add flags and banners there with the crowd?

  2. Hi, why are there files for saggitaire as well? I already have la bombonera but not with the turf quality like this, but its a little awkward knowing what files to rename

  3. As Mentionned by bhoywunda, why there’s files of sagittaire stadium?? which files have we to replace?? Those of Rose park stadium or those of the Sagittaire stadium???

  4. Great work. But will you please create the old wembley stadium in the near future. Would this be possible? thanks and keep up the Good work.

  5. O estádio é muito bom um ótimo trabalho, só que aqui no meu pes quando seleciono um jogo a noite o estádio fica todo preto porque que acontece isso se alguém poder me responder para que eu possa corrigir o erro.
    meu email – [email protected]


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