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Kyocera Stadion PES13 by Abelcast


Kyocera Stadion PES13 by Abelcast

This is Kyocera Stadion, home of Ado Den Haag from Holland. Until now, there was no Kyocera Stadion made ​​to any PES, so what I’ve done is adapt PES6 Gofferstadion version.

In this adaptation, have changed the structure of the main stand (I’ve raised a little), adding the name of the stadium on the roof (it looks inverted, because that’s how you really see from the stands in front). Also added two publicity towers flanking the main grandstand.

On the other hand it has changed the color of the stands (in green), have changed the textures of the walls and roof, the video scoreboard was added (as it is in reality), the windows of the boxes, the bench , the whole stadium real publicity and banners of Ado den Haag (some by Rogo).

As always, I added a HD Turf and Sky by Oliver. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s a good job.

Copy all the files into your dt07.img folder inside your kitserver. Replaces Royal London stadium.

uploaded mega zippyshare mediafire


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