1. Dear pes-patch,

    please don’t let this patch be showed on your site. That ”Kosova republic” is autonomous province of Republic Serbia, and this patch contains flag and anthem of that quasi country! You are the best Pes modding site and I would like you to stay that, so please don’t let politics enter your site!

  2. njeri, qija nonen shkive po kur e ki njet me qit un patch a kitserver se paska me na e thy:D:D:D

  3. Kosovo je srce Srbije!
    Kosovo is heart of Serbia!

    Delete this, this is provoking Serbia, take a look at scoreboard, Kosovo’s flag, Kosovo’s anthem etc… So, please, this must be deleted…

  4. hahaha….toooo pozdrav iz bosne samo tako
    allahu ekber
    ubi ubi ubi srbina srbinaaa
    majku vam cetnicku

  5. you did a wonderful work,and share our soccer passion and potential(in your case the good graphic instalation),and show the world the real face of “sub human’s”like a suffering people and sourundet by “baby killer’s” you stay a modern nation in flow with traditon,for soccer and spor it all,serbia sue kosova at the international cord AND LOOSE 10/3 why? (like argentina in 2006) beacause you are good team,like bayern munchen,im not albanian i am a german but in youth i saw the the attempt to eradiction a wonderful FIGHTER nation,dont worry about the slav propaganda WHOLE WORLD LAUGH WITH THEM

    80 STATES OF DEMOCRATIC WORLD RECOGNIZE YOUR STATE includ my state that makes me proud

  6. fuuuccckkkk greek fffuuucckkk serbia fffuuuccckkkkkk all slavssss.



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