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Kitserver 12.1.1 by Juce and Robbie


Kitserver 12.1.1 – “A parting gift” release. Usually, the most up-to-date version of this documentation, and the translations to many languages, are located here:
http://kitserver.ath.cx/docs/. Documentation for Kitservers 5-8 and Kitserver 2010/11 is also there.


Kitserver 12 is an add-on program for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Demo/Demo2. It is a loader and manager for various modules, where each module is built as a (typically) independent DLL containing logic to enhance the game in particular aspect. While originally the Kitserver was developed to “serve” kits for Pro Evolution Soccer 3, a lot more functionality has been added over the years. If you are new to kitserver, read the installation instructions from:

/  kitserver12 / docs / manual.html

Kitserver 12.1.1 new Features :

– bug-fixes and improvements for kserv:
* correct ids now reported in teamlist.txt
* falling back on regular kit, if a euro-kit is missing
* static linking with libpng for kserv (libpng13.dll is no longer needed)

filesonic pes-patch.com download filepost pes-patch.com download filejungle pes-patch.com download


  1. @Juce and Robbie:

    With it saying the following: ‘Kitserver 12.1.1 – “A parting gift” release’.
    Does this mean that Kitserver will no longer be? or am I just reading it wrong?

    // you are reading it wrong ;)

  2. This tool work better than the last one, but some kits will be invisible some times, other crashes and the loading still giggling.
    And please in the next update perform the loading sounds in game.


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