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Jon Murphy new tweets about PES 2012


Check out the tweet posted by @JonMurphy_PES earlier today:

I doubt celebrations will be a priority, but penalties will be

So it seems that penalties will be sorted after all these years? I hope so. But what exactly are the developers going to do about it?

Will they opt for the easy way out, and adopt a similar penalty system to the one that EA have introduced into the latest FIFA titles?

I can’t confirm anything for 2012. It’s far too early. Sorry.


  1. I remember PES2010 having a nice penalty system, once we understood how it worked. Some say the system was broken, but at least on PC it wasn’t, don’t know about the consoles though. Well, whatever it was, Konami seemed to mess it up completely with 2011 anyway. I really don’t know what they were thinking with that.

    But when the penalty system itself has had its ups and downs in recent years, one thing they must fix is the camera angle in penalties that has never been right (in normal time).

    The rating is quite low for this post, but I dare to say that at least I’m glad to see that there are “priorities” in place, at least in theory. I would go mental if some bloody celebrations were in the agenda for PES2012. But then again, sometimes it has occurred to me that can mr Murphy actually know anything about what’s going on in Japan?

  2. I think for pes2012 they should ave more leagues handballs fa cup games proper teams names for the premership instead of avin west london blue or north london should be chelsea and arsenal ave more arguements when a player does a dirty tackle that would make it more realistic and better crowds ave proper fans songs and ave better trainin and better likeness of players.


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