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ISS Patch 08/09 Online Database v.3 by ISS Team


A few time ago Ned-rise copy our OF from our ISS 08-09 Patch into a db. Now there are some great tool to play online with PES6 without the Konami server.

The tool is GoalServer 6 Alpha 0.2 by reddwarf.

We from the ISS Patch would like to update this Database from Ned-Rise and copy our whole new OF with the new stats and many more in this. This will take a few time but we worked hard and we would like to present you now our online Database with all the changes that we made till the last db.

This updated online database have many changes till the last. We know that we have many to do but we think this db is a great basic to play online. But we worked hard to copy our whole new OF in this db.


– Many numbers are fixed
– New Players added
– Squats updated
– Transfer mistakes fixed
– a lot of stats updated

and many more

We hope that we can release in a few weeks a online db with all the Squats and Stats that we have in our OF.

We put in the Liga C the 2.Bundesliga from our Patch. But we know that the Liga C is not to use in the online mode. We hope that someone can activate the Liga C for online mode.

We looked that all of the players have the same Player-ID like the OF. So you can use our F-H Pack from the ISS Patch and the players have online the Face and Hairs like offline.

LINK Database v.3

Hotfile Uploading

Here is the new exe from the ISS Patch. We rename the Teams from Liga C with the real Teamnames for 2.Bundesliga and fixed some other Teamnames

Hotfile Uploading

* notes by Rechi ( ISS Team )

ISS Patch 08/09
ISS Patch 08/09 – UPDATE 13.03.2009
ISS Patch 08/09 – STADIUMS



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