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Insider-Tips on PES 2010


Hi there PES fans.

Right now we’re working night and day on PES2011…but I can’t share any details yet. Sorry, I wish I could, it’s really exciting!

In the meantime I thought you might like some tips from myself and the team to help you get the most out of PES2010, which we hope you’re still enjoying.

The aim will be to update these tips every two weeks or so, but that’ll depend on our coding commitments. We aren’t going to try and cover everything – I wish we had that much time – it’ll be more like a selection of our favourite bits of advice. Here’s the first instalment.

Trapping on your chest : When you trap a high ball on the chest, the following move tends to get delayed by a split second and you
may lose the possession. If you’re not in the position where the ball will land, you’d better “super cancel” and move to where the ball will land. By so doing, you can control the ball more quickly with your feet and your following move don’t be delayed, which means less chance of you losing the ball to the opposition.

Free kicks within 20 meters: When taking a free kick less than 20 meters from goal, it’s difficult to control the height of the kick exactly as you’d wish. In this case, try a ground ball under the wall. Players in the wall often expect high balls and will jump. Ground balls aren’t affected by power so you don’t worry about that, but you really have to take aim carefully.

Keep an eye out for more of our advice and tips in the future.


posted by Seabass on Konami Blog.


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