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IBK Patch 4.0 by IBK , clubbed2d & osceanx – Update 1.2


Compatible (and it’s needed) with official patch 1.2, included the direct download from inside the game.
All squads updated (5/02/2009).
Added the extra teams patch by PATe.Arminia whit 16 new national teams and 7 new club teams (CSKA Moscow,Celta de Vigo,Real Zaragoza,Peñarol Montevideo,Colo-Colo,Sao Paulo & LDU Quito)
Added banners for all the teams of the patch
CL Mode whit the 32 real teams
Multitude of players appareances created and faces relinked, including all players of the Bundesliga
100% Of the players marketable and eligible for your selections
Possibility of playing league master and be legend with all the teams of the game (teams of FIFA B got on the menu FIFA )
Eredevise replaced by Bundesliga, Eredivisie is now on FIFA
Bate,Aalborg y Anorthosis teams created in FIFA
You can unlock everything from the beginning or not, as you wish.
Kits relinked in EVERY club and national team.
National teams’ names in spanish and English

Customizable menu, to install boots, balls… whatever you want.
Remarkable players from argentina and brazilian leagues as free players instead of PLAYERXX.
Possibility of installing the chants for all the teams
All theprevious improvements still here (names in small letters…)
We hardly recommend you to make a backup of your savegames and uninstall any patch you had before (erasing the kitserver folder if you have it and everything in Save folder except your savegames).

Important : steps 1 and 2 are not necessary if it has already been installed the patch 1.2.

1º – Install the official patch 1.20 (click on Konami Parche 1.20 to download).
2º – Download it from inside the game (Adjustments menu once you have installed the 1.2 patch).
3º – Download the 3 links (OF,KITSERVER &CUSTOMIZABLE)
4º – Click on IBK OF v4.exe for install the OF,if you want the team names in English go to English language.
5º – (Optional)If you want to have all unnlocked from the outset Click Install OF unlock. Will Be automatically installed.
6º – (Optional)Check for updates or new content to download whit the update button.
7º – Run the file Kitserver IBK v4.exe and click install patch IBK v. 4 to install the patch. There are to enter the folder where it has been installed the game (default C:Program FilesKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2009) Once installed will emerge the config of kitserver, it must be click install.
8º – If you want to install the Intro and/or the Chats click in additional downloads.
9º – (optional)Run the file IBK Customizer.exe and pressing customizer to install the additional content,scoreboards, boots, extras, etc. .. Must be pressed in the desired content and introduce the folder of the installation of kitserver (default C:Program FilesKONAMIPro Evolution Soccer 2009kitserver)
10º – Downland the fix and install it
11º- and the most important, Play til your hands fall off.

To juce for the work he does year after year, and because he gave us the most importan tool, the kitserver. we miss you.
To goldorakiller PRO-EVO Editing Studio 2009
To liberostelios for the relink kits tool.
To mosu90 for his PesComplete Editor 2009
To PATe.Arminia for his PES 2009 GBD Folder 1.0 by PES next-gen Editing,and the extra teams patch
To FCH for the real Allianz Arena Stadium and his GBD of the new Champions teams.
To the kits, numbers and fonts creators.
Eleanor,jvinu2000,Coldjoker,Simonhibsey,Ragg,Marco _76ers,bunburycraft,Rafik,
~~Reixx,adrimg,sergio93,Flisak,Bigstuie,sirri,Fran cole,PHCOGL,
Biker Jim,Gu3d4,promiteas y hp_6868
To timo the owl for his scoreboards.
To skill_rooney for his bootpacks and ballpacks.
To Arquero7171 and Ninuzzu for the adboards.
To Buzzyhead for his Mega stadium adboard pack and his real cup flahs CL cup
Te EPT team fot appareance relink tool and Banners relink tool
To Lobo22 for his Improved Editor Scan Faces
If I forgot to mention someone, please let me know and it’ll be added inmediately.

To the face makers:
hawke, bjk076,Anegor, michi1860, FlyingDutchMan
Carloss, BJ, Skills_Rooney, Andrews, hakan2646, SALIM07, A.R.A, apatsi20,
gamingacces, petrboat, KiLLeR ([email protected]), Mistiq, Pro, [4D]Nossy, Qiangowen
Leaizza, bartek, skurt, carlito, El Fluppe, kiboo, ertantesss, Everton 1983
kinkydevil, Damian., @@[email protected]@, apatsi20, MR hosam , jayar, Zombie Ali
Dominicschalke, Szolpas, Mikele Fasano, Dartaxan, Groups, Sheridans
Xeneize25, ana-z, rothen25, Serguei75, martinveron10, fila, King Dom

To ferdipeich for the chants relink
To elluterio for the public whit colours
To 14_guis_14 for the real microphones

It’s possible that we forget someone if so do know and will including immediately in the credits.

Option File Update 5.02.2009


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