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How to make scoreboard – Tutorial by FCH


A Tutorial how to Hex:

First Words: You need lot of Time to do that, everytime you have change a value in hex, you must: Save –>Import–>Have a look in the Game to what are you have change.

Tools: (DKZ Studio 0.92, Picture Decoder,Zlib Tool, Hex Editor)


Example (Testfile)
– unknow.00594.bin (Champions League Scoreboard Values) open the unknow_00594.bin_000 with a Hex Editor
– Import the unknow_151.txs into your e_text.afs

Step 1:
– Install the Tools.
– Open 0_text.afs with DKZ Studio, mark the files unknow_00593.bin till unknow_00608.bin and export(Pic 1)
Pic 1:

Step 2:
– Go to the Folder where you have save and start “we6fe_zlib_tool.exe” from the zlib Tools Folder. Drag and Drop the unknow_00594.bin in the export Window from zlib. Now you have a new File (unknow_00594.bin_000)
(Pic 2)

Step 3:
Open this with a Hex Editor (Hex Workshop are inside the .zip)
And scoll down at the bottom of the file, you will find a offset like that. Watch the Pic, to see what Value are for which Elements and Images. And the Position Movement (horizontal and vertical).

Pic 3:

Step 4:
Change some 1 Value for test,save and start the Game to see what Happen. Only made little steps (horizontal and vertical) if you made bigger steps (example from: DOF3 to DOF0(30 Pixel higher) maybe the Elements move out of range.
Watch the Pic 4 how to save, zlib and save back into Game:

Pic 4:

Everytime you have change a Value, its better to save,zlib again and import the .bin back into o_text.
Made screens from the Game, save the screen and next time you have change a value and import made a new Screen, compare the screen with the old screen. Now you see what happens and you can move the element easyer.
Hope that help


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