1. Are you saying we should delete the data pack 2 patch file after we install? Could you explain better?

  2. Hi I did the same already, but there is still something from the new Date pack 2.0 not showing in the game, for example, there is still no face for Ousmane Dembélé of Dortmund. maybe it is because this is a new player created from Konami this time?

  3. Ok thanks~ this is the best patch honestly, hope there will be a fix soon… ( I guess it would be the problem of the Team.bin or player.bin not matching the one of Konami)

  4. Thank you for your explanation, but I want to ask you something. In this video, you have ”PesProfessionals.cpk” file but I don’t have. I have other file. If it is possible , could you upload your ”PesProfessionals.cpk”. ? I need it.


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