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How To Fix PES 2019 PS4 To PC Hair Animation Bug


Tutorial by Hawke: Fix PS4 To PC Hair Animation Bug [PES 19]

Preview FIXED Version

in one of MJTS-140914 videos he added hair animation to Messi and thought if we can add hair animation can we remove hair animation ? because if so we can fix the PS4 to PC hair bug that occurs when using PS4 Classic faces in the PC version…it turns out we can remove the hair animation & MJTS-140914 showed me how (Thank you my friend)… now PS4 to PC hair bug is fixed.

See video guide here.

NOTE: For players with long hair you can leave some animation so the hair moves/waves slightly by making the ends of the hair white..but you must make the transition from the blue colour to white gradually..I may do another tutorial for this later but personally I don’t think this is a major thing.

NOTE2: I will be fixing many Classic faces & uploading soon, so people who don’t want to attempt the fix themselves don’t worry the fixed faces will be available soon.

All credit to MJTS-140914 for helping me with this !



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