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How To Fix Crash In PES 2017 Master League Transfer Window


Are you crashing on opening day of transfer window in PES 2017 Master League ?

As reported by a user in steam forums, he installed C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Update.

“Yesterday downloaded and installed this:
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update

Then it worked!”


  1. I have same problem on PC.
    When I’m searching from players, if I try to order by something it just crashes.
    Then in the end of 2016, it crashes, as stated in this post

  2. Guys this is a problem with pesgalaxy patch. Uninstall the complete game along with the patch and also delete the Konami folder in the my documents folder(backup the settings file first). Reinstall the game and then download and apply PTE patch. Problem solved! No more crash in master league! :)

  3. anyone else having an issue with the new transfer? I brought several players but none appear in my squad list. Also any changes in made to the Game Plan is reverted back to default formation. Is there any fix for it?

  4. Installed using the nosteam version. Had crash error when trying to search for players and going to next season. Uninstalled and installed using C version, then use back old save file for master league. Then still same results. The patch i used is SMoKE patch 9.2 latest. Is this because of the patches or the game itself is already buggy.

    Anyone can share?

  5. I use smoke patch as well and mine just happened after while. I would finish a match and it would just crash when it’s going to the next day. I think there is a problem with the game itself that has to be resolved by the Konami people.

  6. I think the game itself is buggy because I uninstalled the smoke patch to get the original files and it still crashed.

  7. I am going to reinstall my game without any of the patches and just skip through two seasons then see where it gets me.

  8. My game freezes after I complete a Champions League match. I just get a black screen with the next prompt in the bottom left corner of the screen.

  9. Avevo lo stesso problema, l’ho risolto eliminando parzialmente la patch.
    Mi spiego meglio, avevo installato la patch apocaze che modifica loghi, nomi, kit ecc, ma a gennaio 2018 il gioco andava in crash. Ho provato ad eliminare i CPK uno per volta per capire qual’era la causa del crash.

    Risultato, mantenendo loghi, kit e altro ma eliminando il file che modifica i nomi delle squadre e modificandoli poi uno per volta nel gioco (es. Premier, Bundes, ecc) il gioco funziona.

    Non è quindi un problema di ram, almeno nel mio caso.

  10. Could you please explain what cpk we should delete. Because I tried to delete one by one but i cant see the name of teams cpk.

  11. hey im using pte aptch 3.1 and im in the 4rth year in Master league, my game crashs just after accepting a manger offer and m going to the transfer window.. it say’s “PES Online Warriors stopped working”.. any solutions guys please !

  12. Hello amel, can you fix that problem? I got that problem on my ps3, stopped at 1st january –“

  13. No its not fixed with visual c++
    the only way is here i told you first:
    download 1.03 version its 48 MB i think
    then Download Data pack version 2.00
    if you have problem to install data pack first extract file and then copy to
    pes2017/download and install with PES2017-DpFileListGenerator
    forget you will choose first data pack 2.0 file and then other dpfiles
    and dp files in your patch and its done Enjoy

  14. My game crashed after every 3rd season both in ML & BAL mode…the problem maybe patch related, as I completed more than 6 seasons in a BAL mode without any crashing issue..but after installing smoke patch 3.1 game kept crashing just after 3 seasons.

  15. I have been playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 since the day it was released, I’m not forcing you to belive me but what I’m gonna tell you now is definitely gonna solve the Master-league CRASH! problem you all are facing. Yes, I did also install a patch (do not ask “Why?”) but after some days, I felt that whenever I enter the Master-league to the next match, and try to select the final eleven, the game crashes. What I did right at the time when I did install the patch was to keep the original files backed-up somewhere in a different folder so as I could re-use them when required because I did not want any patch to vanish all my progress as I have never lost in any match playing with my team “Barcelona”. Therefore, when I faced the Crash Issue, I did replace the patch files with the originals and all-of-a-sudden, my issue was resolved. After some days, I did re-install the patch again and redo the same (backed-up) all my original game files. Its been over 3 months and I have not faced the issue yet even I have re-installed the patch. I’m damn sure, that this is really gonna help you all and end this thread all at once after this message. #JustDoIt

  16. Believe me and try as I say or continue the stupidity here in this thread. I’m playing the PES 2017 since the day it was released for PC. I’m a freelancer, a game lover and an ethical hacker and everything you all can even dream off and that is my confidence or gut or whatever you say. So, I did install a PATCH (do not ask “why?”) after playing the game for 2 months. One-day, I was managing my team and did try to proceed to the next match and all of a sudden, the game went CRASHED!. You won’t believe, I did solve the issue in just 3 minutes because what I did right at the time of PATCH installation was to have a backup of all the original PES 2017 files located in the installation directory. I did replace all the files in the installtion directory with the originals and restarted the game. It has now been six months since I have not faced the CRASH issue. Even I did re-install the PATCH. And I’m currently playing the PES 2017 with the same patch which caused the issue and no CRASH has been reported or seen yet. All you need to do from now on is to always take a backup of all the original files before installing any patch in PES 2017. Same goes for every game and every software you use.

  17. after install patch.. dont touch edit file.. even litle bit… no fun but cant play |ML even worst

  18. This is due to “Classic Players On” issue in Master League. You should transfer them manually to some teams and when you start a new ML you have to always select “Classic Players OFF”.


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