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How To Add NGPE PS4 V2 Graphic To PTE 5.1 By Sami ze


How To Add NGPE PS4 V2 Graphic To PTE 5.1 By Sami ze

Tutorial To Add NGPE PS4 V2 Graphic Mod To PTE 5.1 By Samize

1/NGPE_PS4_V2 by donyavia

– new pitch color
– fifa16 base pitch
– new picth condition
– fix bugs adboard
– include Maracana Stadium
– inlude sweetFX Beautiful v4

Password : donyaviagraphicpes


2/ the edited file that makes donyavia graphic works with pte 5.1


Install :

1/unrar ngpe-ps4-v2 and copy the file to this direction pro evolution soccer 2016/download

2/unrar the DpFileList file

3/ copy the file to pro evolution soccer 2016 /PTE/MODE/Offline Mode

and click replace

4/ open PTE icon ..click on game mode then change if from offline to online

and change it back to offline


1/ you need to install estralen silva staduims addons that come with pte 5.0

ngp ps4 graphic is not compatible with pte staduims you will have problems with some staduims

2/ for anybody that see that this is easy and its juts like any other addons

no ist not if fou dont figure out the right order you will see no pte scordbods also the adbords will gone ..sorry for my bad english regards

Credit: PTE TEAM for their great patch the best outhere no doubt  . ESTRALEN SILVA STADIUMS . donyaviagraphic for the graphic mode.

How To Add NGPE PS4 V2 Graphic

How To Add NGPE PS4 Graphic To PTE 5.1 By Sami ze


  1. Ok thanks, but I want to know is there way to put all this together without losing my homemade player ratings and lineups because i think i made most realistic and objective and i want to have them but if i put new edit0000 i will lose ratings. Will this work with 5.0 because i havent installed 5.1 yet

  2. @Pea ; you can export your homemade team.. go to edit-data management-export. it will saving your own team or players.. then you can import them back after copying ‘fix stadiumedit0000″.. :)

  3. i use another scorboard that come with the graphic but you can ue the original pte scorbords they are awsoome


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