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Hoppus117 Boots Pack V 8 AIO For PES 2020 PC


Boots Pack V.8 AIO by Hoppus117 For eFootball PES 2020 PC + FIX for EWP 7

Download Hoppus117 BootPack V8

This pack is an AIO version and includes:
100 Boots and 30 Gloves + Hidden Content (boots and Gloves)
ADD new Adidas Locality and Uniforia pack
ADD new Nike Neighbourhood pack
ADD new Puma Rise pack
ADD New Umbro Alert pack
ADD many retro / custom boots and gloves for many Serie A, BundesLiga, English League players (see the Hidden Boots List).


boots&glove_assignment currently updated to 99% “Serie A TIM”, 99% Premier League, 99% BundesLiga (With OF EvoWeb Patch 6.5), 45% Liga Santander. Other are by default with boots ID by konami, in the next few days will be updated next leagues and teams).

You have two ways to install, choose the most correct one for you​.

How to normal install:

Delete all previous versions of my “bootspack” and “boot-root” (This Is an AIO Version)
Extract “boot-root” folder in the archive “Hoppus117 Boots Pack V 8 AIO ” on your desktop
Copy and paste the “boot-root” folder in your \\sider-6.3.6 or +\livecpk folder
Open your sider.ini with notepad (root: \\sider-6.3.5 or +) and copy the command line
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\boot-root"
placing it on top (1st place in the list of live cpk) if you have other mods installed. IMPORTANT: Check that you have enabled live cpk in sider.ini (more details here), File/save.

How to install with EvoWeb Patch v 6.5 previously installed :

Delete previous “Boots & Gloves” folder in \\sider-6.3.5 or +\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch folder​
Extract “boot-root” folder and “EDIT00000000” in the archive “Hoppus117 Boots Pack V 8 AIO ” on your desktop​
Rename “boot-root” folder in “Boots & Gloves”​
Copy and paste the “Boots & Gloves” folder in \\sider-6.3.6 or +\livecpk\EvoWeb Patch folder​
Copy and paste “EDIT00000000” in \\Documents\KONAMI\eFootball PES 2020\youridgame\save​


Hoppus117 Boots Pack V 8 AIO FIX for EWP 7:
  • EDIT compatible with Evo Web Patch 7.0 (for those who have downloaded the AIO V7 patch it is already included)
  • Fix Puma Spark Pack Gloves


  1. Copy the contents of the “boot-test” folder into “boot-root” or “Boots & Gloves” folder and replace all.
  2. Copy and replace EDIT00000000 in to your save folder.


Special thanks for:
Hawke for his precious help.
gabriele-150115 for help with package assignments and assembly
Juce for Sider tool.
Devil Cold52, Tunizizou, shawminator and lagun-2 For the other tools.

*All credits are reserved, it is forbidden to reload the mod on other hosters or create a cpk version , only mega and sider version!
From now on, any user who wants to use boots from my bootspack must first request consent, if it does not happen it will be reported to the EvoWeb staff.*

I hope you enjoy all my work, waiting for more edits, have fun !

Video Preview [HERE]

P.S. If you also want to try to assign boots or gloves, you can try this tool made by MFZ69
However, I do not take responsibility for errors or incompatibilities.


  1. thanks for the correctness and for respecting all the credits and the original link


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