Home PES 2011 Logos HD 3D Emblems The World Edition v5 By SilverShadow

HD 3D Emblems The World Edition v5 By SilverShadow


pes 2011 HD 3D Emblems The World Edition v5 By SilverShadow

*What’s New !!!

– PESEDIT V2 Compatible
– BIN Files for PESEDIT League MODs “La Liga, NPower and Serie B”
– Belgian Pro League
– Chinese Super League
– Gambrinus liga
– Liga I
– J-League


– BIN Files for PESEDIT League MODs “La Liga and NPower”
– 30 New Teams By PESEDIT
– All Cups & Leagues V 2.1
– HD 3D Full Pack – Improved – BIN FILE
– Argentina Football League
– Brazil Premier League
– Major League Soccer
– Egyptian Premier League
– Liga Adelante
– NPower championship
– Peruvian league
– Serie B
– Super Lig – Turkey
– Ukraine Premier League
– TFF First League
– Superleague Greece
– Russian Premier League
– Scottish Premier League
-Ukrainian First League
– National Teams Flags
– K-League
– Primeira Liga
– Saudi Professional League
– Thai Premier League
– Tunisian Premier League
– Belgian Pro League – NEW
– Chinese Super League – NEW
– Gambrinus liga – NEW
– Liga I – NEW
– J-League – NEW


1 – Using a pure PESEDIT PATCH !
Simply replace your OF by the downloaded one.

2 – Using a modified PESEDIT PATCH !
Download and install Wild Editor “Thanks Wild”
Load your OF then insert the PNG FILES on your own through emblems tab or load a 2nd OF and import the emblems to your modified OF

3 – Using another patch !
Use GGC and/or “PES 2011 Editor v1.4 by [email protected]” to insert the emblems on your own !!

4 – I need to use the full HD 3D Emblems pack ONLY
Copy the bin file “unnamed_1920.bin” to
PES2011 Dir
Kitserver root
Replace and enjoy

Please always keep a backup for your OF and BIN FILEs, Just in case

PNGs Files : No further modifications needed.

Feel free to use any of my HD 3D emblems but please include “SilverShadow” in your patch credits Thanks in advance.


  1. @SERG335
    Can’t get your point !!!

    Already released, check my blog out

    Attached to the OF, thanks for helping the others :)

    @Egyptian Boy
    You are welcome “ay khdma ya 7ag” :D

  2. شكرا عالباتش يا باشا
    بس انا نزلتش باتش pes edit patch 2.0 and 2.1
    ابدل ازاي القديم بالجديد لو سمحت اشرحلي الخطوات

  3. don’t wrk 4 me why ??????????plz help
    i have evey last patch but no work

    plz plz plz ya 7ag la ya3mel 3indi


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