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#GrassPS4pes by adriancañada


#GrassPS4pes (Textures imported from PS4 for PES) by adriancañada

Content of my new #GrassPS4pes:

All textures imported by me from PES 2016 PS4 to PES 2016 PC with DpFileList Tool by Baris
* Please, take note: Not full compatible with some SweetFX. Maybe you must delete him.
“Thes best experience in PC” “Better with my #GGPS4pes”

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Adrián Cañada

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  1. Hello Adrian Canada,you are un very great master.Your work and gameplay its great.Please will you release PES 2016 camera settings,because the Konami camera settings is bad.Unblock settings for camera Dynamic wide and Live broadcast.Thank you very much !

  2. this is estralen silva pitch hd you didnt even rename it
    fisrt you steal yair gameplay and now this

  3. I think the patch makers should destroy the PS4 Version by grab all the files as you can and transform the PC version in to the best original PES 2016 ever!

  4. Stolen from Estarlen Silva.

    Estarlen HD pitch – Pitch_Ultra_HD.cpk

    CRC32: F6FD919F
    MD5: 87617EDBB524659DB41F501EEF1C9726
    SHA-1: 2556EF99D49C40E87B8D9CB9897588DA86D0070A


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