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Goal Server 2009 – Play PES 2009 Online Lan

This early beta will only work in 1vs1 where both users need to be of version 1.02
Its kinda rushed out and comes with some important things to remember.
To play you will need to do the following steps:
[Necessary steps to be able to play this game]
1 – Opening/Forwarding a couple of ports in your router
2 – Install the pes09.crt certificate into your Trusted Root Certification Authorities folder.
There are 2 ways to do this and screenshots of how to do that are included in the “ssl certificate” folder.
IMPORTANT: READ THE NOTE ***Regarding the certificate***.
3 – Modifying your HOSTS file, found in [DRIVE]\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\
[ip of running GoalServer2009.exe] pes09pcgate-e.winning-eleven.net
[ip of running GoalWebServer2009.exe] pes2009web.winning-eleven.net
[ip of running stun-server] pes7stun-e.winning-eleven.net
4 – Modifying the ip.conf file to reflect your situation
5 – In your PES2009 Settings, tab “Online” uncheck “Auto” and set UDP Port to 5739
6 – Start stunnel.exe, don’t change the stunnel.conf
7 – Start GoalServer2009.exe , only one user should start this.
8 – Start GoalWebServer2009.exe , both users should start this
9 – Start stun-server-0-96.exe, with the following command:
stun-server-0-96.exe -v -h [your local ip] -a
Couple of extra notes ingame:
The first user connecting must have the server profile
The other user connecting must have the client profile
If this is not the case, restart both 2009 servers
– Don’t try to chat ingame, but you can in the replays.
– You can only play one game for now, then the servers have to be restarted.
– The server user must create the room with the following parameters:
Don’t change anything except the ranking match value. Change that to friendly match.
– When the server is in his room he has to wait for the client to enter.
– When both players are in the room, only the server has to press ready and can start the match.
***Regarding the certificate***
After you’re done playing with the game and have closed the server/game you must remove the installed certificate.
I urge and insist that you remove the certificate for the following reasons:
Its installed as a root certificate, and the private key is included in this release.
This means anyone can create valid certificates for any domain using these files.
If you keep the certificate installed you have a high risk of becoming a victim of phishing, so again I must say:
install the certificate before playing and REMOVE it after playing.
We’re working on some tools to automate these things, but this is not ready yet and you all wanted a quick release.
Please supply feedback if it did work or didn’t work at http://halsten.kamibu.com/
If you can make a better/nicer guide please submit your tutorial on the forums.
Halsten & Reddwarf.
Special Thanks to
– XiaoWei
– The Chinese PES community at http://www.winning11cn.com/


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