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Glove model duplicator update by Tibbi


Whats updated?
– support for custom glove model numbers


Extract all to a folder on your system.
Rename your “Gloves Model_###.bin” to just “Gloves Model” without .bin extension and move it to the same directory as this file.
Once script is done, you can check the log it generates called my_log.txt.
If you ever have a problem or bug you can check to see if something went wrong.

If you ever need to change the glove model numbers that the script generates, you may do so from the glove_models.txt.
One thing you must remember as its very important: If you ever add a new line to the glove_models.txt, make sure you add a space at the end of the line and THEN Press Enter.

eg. 163 164 165 166 170 171 172 176 177 |<-make newline after leaving a space!

thanks to aboaly for the nice reality gloves model! hope this generator comes in handy for new version updates!

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