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General Tips – How to Patch ?


1. Install Kitserver.

Then you have: C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2009\kitserver\img
adboards: copy files inside to cv09.img.
ball cursors: ” unnamed_1.bin” + “unnamed_20.bin” in kitserver img/cv01.img
ballpacks: copy files inside kitserver in names, cv01.img, cv05.img
bootpacks: “from unnamed_7801.bin to unnamed_7816.bin” in kitserver img/cv06.img (Complete Tutorial)
faces: need to be relinked. Tutorials here: 1, 2, 3
gloves: Rename unnamed_xxx.bin to e.g. unnamed_2.bin (model 0) or unnamed_11.bin (model 9). Copy the file to “kitserver/img/cv06.img”. To find the model which u want… you can use {PES2009 Kit Model Manager V1.0} or {GDBManager}. You can use also Glove Model Duplicator.
nets: unnamed_31.bin in cv09.img in kitserver
stadiums: put the bin files in cv09.img. If needed you have to rename files. Use Stadium Service, Stadium ReNamer, Stadium Changer
stadium previews: Add to cv05.img/unnamed_101.bin and unnamed_433
corner flags: unnamed_914 in cv09.img
smoke effect for stadiums: copy unnamed_914.bin in cv09.img of gakserver or kitserver
menu: there are 2 folders: cv05.img and rv0c_X.img . Copy files from there to kitserver, img cv05.img and rv0c_X.img (where X is your language).
music: chants, song, music patches: copy .adx files to kitserver/img/cs0d.img and songs.txt to kitserver/names
scoreboards: there are 2 folders: cv05.img + rv0c_e.img. Copy files from cv05.img to kitserver img/cv05.img and also, copy files from rv0c_e.img in kitserver img/rv0c_e.img
change graphic positions: copy unnamed_33.bin in rv0c_x.img (x=your language, ex rv0c_e.img is english). Download illuminous 2 or use another.

For more read rest of the TUTORIALS. Asking in chat what is already here posted has no use for others to reply, that is why they do not reply. Read before ask ! Download the files needed look inside what is is, read tutorials and patch your game. Is quite simple.


To Search Use “Go” button up in the right or browse the PES Sitemap.


Download – Kitserver 8.1.2 by juce
Download – AFS Explorer 3.7
Download – GGS 7.40

Tutorials To Play PES Online

Download – PESMAGAZINE Pes2009 Launcher online v.3
Download – PES GREEN 1.0.4e
Download – PES 2009 Pro-Evo Connector v1.1 by djbarca
Download – Goalserver2009

PES 2009 Hamachi Room List



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PES 2009 Game

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 v1.10

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 v1.20

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 v1.30

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 v1.40


Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 v1.10 + 8 TRAINER
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 v1.20 [MULTI6] + 8 TRAINER
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 v1.30 [MULTI6] +8 TRAINER
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 v1.40 [MULTI6] +1 TRAINER


Other Links:

Guides for using GGS and AFS

Modify Reserved Space Tutorial in GGS (Game Graphic Studio)

PES 2009 Editing – How does it work?

How to relink and import kits for a unlicensed teams in PES 2009

Konami PES 2009 patch 1.30 + Kitserver 8.1.2 – Tutorial by fisca

How to move player ? – Go to Edit Team – Select Player – an Move it from There.

– flickering monitor? bad replay, issues playing the game ? Go to:

pes2009 settings.exe – enable Use frame skipping
pes2009 settings.exe – disable wait for Vsync

change game resolution – use resolution fix or go to kitserver/config.exe , force custom resolution and type resolution desired u have other than the one unlisted.

Ex: FCWC settings.exe from FIFA Club World Cup 2009 Final Version by seujair doesn’t have high resolution, so you need to go to kitserver/config.exe , force custom resolution and type the game resolution wanted.

black stadiums ? = go to settings and enable high quality.

to add new kits in the kitserver: After download get the kit and copy/replace the folder (ex: Italy) to kitserver/GDB/uni and then go to the place where Italy is or should be.

example: FIFA Club World Cup 2009 Final Version by seujair

Italy kit is in fcwserver/GDB/uni/National/UEFA. Note: fcwserver is a custom kitserver. On other patches is only kitserver the name.

– sometimes if u have trouble installing/adding something in kitserver works to uninstall and then install the kitserver. Use setup.exe in kitserver folder, choose game executable + seting executable, and click remove, click install.

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