1. Hey amigo Tunizizou, Muchisimas gracias por la Face de Gareth, esta Ultrarrealista..Ojala actualices tambien la del comandante CR7 Y La del Profesor XABI ALONSO..Saludos desde Colombia..

  2. Tunizizou Hey friend, Thank you so much for the Face of Gareth, this ultra-realistic .. Hopefully also the commander’s update CR7 And Professor XABI ALONSO .. Greetings from Colombia ..

  3. hey man. u are really do a good job!
    keep it up.
    i really like u patch face.
    please do all face like u did it on this bale.
    man,this is what im talking about.
    Tunizizou u are the men for facemaker. u should work with konami! ;)

  4. really want u to make all player like this.
    this is so awesome and looks real.
    i hope mega face with big club for next patch.


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