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Gamingaccess Community Patch Update 2.0


We have decided to release the GamingAccess Community Patch Version 2.0 Full Version!!! It includes all updates released.

How to install this patch

1. Just install this patch in your Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 folder!
2. Go to gakserver folder ( inside your PES 2009 folder ) and run “setup.exe”

3. Select like this

SETTING EXECUTABLE : gcp_settings.exe

4. Start the game from your desktop icon GAC Patch 2009

If you have installed previous versions of this patch uninstall them or just delete folder gakserver from your PES 2009 main folder before you install this version.

Higher Abilities

*) In the folder Gamingaccess Patch/ of your PES 2009 you will find an option file with higher abbilities for players. If you prefer this option file instead of the patch one just copy the file PES2009_EDIT01_Higher_Abilities.bin you find in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009/Gamingaccess Patch/ folder to My Documents / Konami / PES 2009 GamingAccess CP/ save.


*) The installer should have done the work for you but if the database is not the right one just copy the file PES2009_EDIT01.bin you find in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009/Gamingaccess Patch folder to My Documents / Konami / PES 2009 GamingAccess CP/ save.

*)Some users frequently reports that the game hangs up when they use Kit Server. This usually happens when you start the game in Full Screen mode. So if you have that problem start the game in windowed mode and then press alt+enter to go to full screen mode and you will have no problems.

*)Remember that this patch has its own settings different from PES 2009 default ones. To change the settings for this patch start the file gcp_settings.exe from your PES 2009 main folder and change the settings.


Original Idea : Xavier Baez
Build : Ariel Santarelli
Menus : [email protected]@[email protected], Ariel Santarelli
Kits : Diablos, pesconmebol, Flisak, OPM, Asiat, Eleanor, BigBoss, Promitheas, F12, Dawqo19, Billy, Simonhibsey, alen_petrin, el_gordito, quan555, PHCOGL, VinVanDam13, SiRRi, Dimas Almarza, FrankTitas
Faces : Carlito1985,Anegor, qiangowen, PG_15,SKILLS_ROONEY,apatsi20, joni_lomas, MUFAN, DMD, Ragg, haka2646, Danielinho, Mystiq, 4DNossy, mini1860, Sergio_LP, Andrews, Jotta17, Serguei75, Kiboo, ElFluppe, quan555, Szolapas, bjk076, valfourrecity, Roobydal, Alahly man.
Badges : Tiffossi, Ariel Santarelli
Scoreboard : Timo The Owl
Sandbags removed : Ninuzzu
Adboars : Arquero7171,Ninuzzu
Players Cursor : Hawke
Balls : Alex_10, Skills_Rooney,arctic-monkey,pablo109,SG,FKuyt
Boots : Paul81118,blingbling,el_gordito
Chants : gigimuralla
Kits Relinker : Stellios
FHEI ( Face Hair Importer Exporter ) : Skunk ( and little Skunk)
Kit Server : Juce and Robbie
AFS Explorer : dte-ng.issextreme.net
PRO-EVO Editor : Goldorakiller
PES 2009 Editor : [email protected]
Game Graphic Studio : Obocaman
Thanks to : Burgum and his great Patch, Liangann for Assemble Patch, Bundesligapatch, BRFPES for Brasileirao Patch
Special Thanks to PES next-gen Editing Blog for GDB folders and their great work for the community.
Thanks to : Simon Merzek, Ádám Nagy, Tom Raggett, Abdo Zoon, NeViglas, Siba Tron, Mohamed Hassan, Nagy di Roma, Max Flynn, Ahmed Nabil, Siempreverde88
Thanks KONAMI for another fantastic game.



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