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Gameplay Patch For PES 19 by nesa24


GameplayPatch For PES 2019 PC by nesa24

Download GameplayPatch PES19 by nesa24

What’s patched:
1. Controls
2. AI
3. Shooting
4. Gameplay speed related things to make it more flexible

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4u1s2xfp4w4sgj2/PES19+-+nesa24+GPP.zip

Size: 164.08 MB (PES19 – nesa24 GPP.zip)

How to use:
1.Backup your PES2019.exe
2.Copy patched PES2019.exe to your game directory
3. Run game from steam menu

[you can also use incas36 dt18_x64-cpk tweak with this patch]

Creator: nesa24

Gameplay is free for all
If you wish to support you can by donating via PayPal to [email protected]

V2 Update released 2018-09-23

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mrmdvajm0b3b4pw/PES19+-+nesa24+GPP2.zip

* hope issue with ball is fixed

GameplayPatch by nesa24 v3 (released 7.10)

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/49trsn9oc16tj5z/PES19+-+nesa24+GPP3.zip

* moved my gameplay tweaks to latest KONAMI update.


  1. muy mal,no solo q la IA sigue con lo del centro razo sino q ahora los pases tienen un bug q la pelota sale disparada a cualquier lado y a una velocidad irreal,chequealo xfavor que no quedo bien.

  2. There are lots of interesting things in this Gameplay patch. But there are also lots of bullshit.
    Oh and I am also using RKH257’s gameplay file (dt18_x64.cpk) with your patch. So tell me if this affects things I’m gonna say.

    Good things :
    – Controls are more realistics. We can feel timming is more important now. Movements are human.
    – AI is making good runs on the pitch, it’s nice to see good reactions from it.

    This is on of best patch I tryed for Gameplay, but few things made me ragequit because of bad things.

    Sooo, Bad things (Really bad) :
    – Passes speed is TOOO MUCH !! Every passe is like a shot and it’s like Pro evolution PING PONG !
    – Sometimes, a player receive the ball and just shoot it randomly in the other side of the pitch like he is under big pressure just in front of his net, but he is not at all.
    – If I want to do a powerfull deep passe, the ball goes strait forward and again, like a big shot.

    Are you able to fix this ? We really need a good gameplay patch for PES 2019. The AI is going too fast while building attacks. No ball controls, too much one touch passes. Balls are always thrown directly from CB to wingers. Wingers or always doing 1-2 passes with laterals behind them to get the ball on the corner areas. Then, they are doing shitty crosses down the pitch…

    Can you or someone else do something to fix these errors ? Because this game has so much potential !

  3. – Bad Pass Bug
    – too many low crosses
    – too little shoots from outside
    – Keepers too strong
    – too many ticki tacka passes from cpu


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