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Gameplay Mod (PES 6 Ported To PES 16) by Raja Manalo


Gameplay Mod (PES 6 Ported To PES 2016) by Raja Manalo

Download Gameplay Mod by Raja Manalo

PES 6 PS2 Gameplay ported to PES 2016 PC:
*All Gameplay Settings extracted from ISO PES 6 PS2 and ported to PES 2016 (DT18.cpk)*:
– Ball Physics
– Speed in game
– Shots (Penalties and Free Kicks)
– Passes
– Referees (Fouls)
– Goalkeepers are more stronger


Installation/Installazione: Setup
You need to select your PES 2016 Folder in the rute of my installation program:


Install 2nd step


  1. everything is perfect just improce goalkeeper refrees and make AI more aggresive they dont foul or tackle

  2. Hagi Adrian it is possible to request one thing?
    I really want a Excell file for PES 6 Stats and Convert them to PES 2016 :(

  3. Really people still want to play something created 10 years ago?

    Lol… it’s so old, robotic and unrealistic…

  4. I was thinking the exact same thing. Loved PES 6 ten years ago, but the gameplay is totally robotic and unrealistic.
    Guess nostalgia is the most powerful thing.

  5. PES 6 was an epic game. This port brings the better of our favourite retro game to our new PES 16. 😌

  6. Pes 6 unrealistic?…how about this pes 2016?do you find it realistic?…Author, try to port WE9LE….if you do….you are a genious!

  7. se riesci a portare il winning eleven 9 liveware evolution sei davvero un genio..ma purtroppo il core di questo gioco(pes 2016)difficilmente si cambia…

  8. gracias amigo porque siempre me ha guistado el juego rapido

    que los jugadores se muevan rapido y veloces con elasticidad.


  9. non l’ho provato…oramai ne ho piene le….tanto oramai tutti dicono great di qua e di la e si rivela cmq sempre uguale…


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