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Gameplay Changes v0.2.1 by bukowski


With the great Pes Editor by [email protected], i’m tweaking the gameplay.
Here’s just some minor modification that has a good impact on the gameplay.


Gameplay Changes v0.2.1
———————————————————-First make a backup of your EDIT.bin
(Make sure to edit “min/max value” and “from range” to 1-99 before any modification)

long pass accuracy -60%
short pass accuracy -30%
GK skills +5%

All Players != GK
Swerve +25%

All Players
Weak foot frequency +80%
Ball Control -10%
Defence +5%
Place Kicking -5%

Team Style Sliders
Player Support -100%
Pressing +100%
Defensive Line +100%
Support Range +100% *

My Other settings:

Jenkey tool
No curving shots
No new gameplay
Yes Remove AI cheating
Ball Weight 3
Shoot Power 35
Gameplay 100


speed 95

speed -2
pass manual
difficult superstar
minutes at least 10 for better experience

At the moment i only changed few players stats beacuase i don’t want to mess up the value of the players in MM… if you want to edit stats like speed and pass/shoot speed it’s highly recommended to use kitserver and Jenkey tool.

*There’s a bug in Support Range. To reduce the value, you must increase it. So with +100% actually you are going to reduce, not increase. This’ why i set it to + and not –


What’s the point of this “mod”?
Obvioulsy the point is to improve the gameplay. More CPU ball possession, less space in the midfield and more fights. Better pace of the game and more realistic situation…

With these mods you made in team style sliders, every team will play the same?
No. Every team has a different limit for any slider. Even if you 100% reduce a slider, you’ll reach just the limit. So every team will keep its style.

Will i see a huge difference ingame?
No. Everything will be just slightly better. Nothing has been drastically changed.

Can you make a tutorial about how to change these values?



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