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FXAA Post Process Injection Tool – FXAA Tool Hg4


FXAA Post Process Injection Tool – an open source project powered by Assembla.

Based on the work of Timothy Lottes.

FXAA Post Process Injection injects different post processing methods to games, like Anti Aliasing, Sharpening, Bloom, Color Tones etc.

FXAA is a cost effective Anti Aliasing process done in one single pass, which means that it has virtual no impact on the overall system performance.
That allows us to add additional passes and still keep the system requirement extremely low.

It even comes with a graphical user interface, which only needs to run if you want to to make quick adjustments, the FXAA shaders are fully independent from it.

Many users of this tool even state, that it enhances new game title releases running on older hardware, without adding the performance penalty of the games build in shaders.

FXAA Tool Hg4

* now with HDR shader
* works for all games and it is simple to install.

* best FXAA tool setting

* how to install FXAA tool in pes folder

Sharped graphic. Fantastic! (my best configuration in PES 2012)

Best configuration in PES 2012 and FIFA 12 !



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